Secret’s Of My Ex-Lover

Chapter 5: the past of them

Stephens POV

She is still beautiful. It has been three years, but her beauty became a fine wine that every man would die for.

Thats what she saw. But I was surprised that she ends u as a hostess in my friends club. What a joke on us. She cross her arms and gave me that glare.

”Thats rude. Im a customer here, you should act properly, ” I whispered.

She scoffs. ”My shift had ended and I am not a hostess who entertains you a while ago, Sir. Even if I do, I never offered an extra service. Make way, ” she commanded. I laugh.

”We haven seen each other for three years and yet you treated me like a bastard? Wow! Thats shit, ” I mocked. Her face became sour.

”Did you just talk to me about that? Well, sorry. Leave me alone, because the past is not the present, ” she says and tried to leave me, but I grab her arms.

”I said, don be rude! ” I push her back to where she stood.

”What the hell! ” she yelled.

I grab her waist and I just let my stupid feelings control me. I claimed her lips again, and she is trying to resist from the start.

But I grab the back of her head and push myself on her. I can deny that she still has an impact on me. I let her go and push her away.

”What a slut, ” I mock her again. Her eyes were furious and she even wipe her lips.

”I was just stunned but kissing me twice. What are you trying to achieve, Stephen? ” she asks. I smirk.

”Don give me that glance or else I will take those eyeballs off your face, bitch. ” I saw that flash of fear, but she act tough again.

She always does that when shes hiding her fear. I think Edwards bet is not a waste of time, anyway.

”This will not be our last meet, Emella. Your nightmare is not over, ” I murmured and leave her.

When morning comes, I started doing my daily routine. I look at my reflection in the mirror. I caress my lips and remember the softness and sensation that I felt when I kiss her again after three years.

”I don care if I ache for you. Its just lust and I will never lose this bet. You will see what kind of horror you created three years ago! At the office, I called Miko right away.

”Yes, Sir? Is there a problem with your schedule for today? ” he asks.

”Nothing. I want you to investigate and gather all information about my ex. Remember Emella Rogers? ” I mumbled. He nodded.

”Yes, Sir. Why did you suddenly remember Ms. Rogers? ” he ask.

”Because a bet had started, and she is the ace of that damn game, ” I replied.

”Huh? But Sir… don tell me your friends are involved with this? ” he asks. I simply nod.

”But Sir. You shouldn make a bet when it comes to a persons life. You will gain nothing, ” he says. I glared at him.

”You witnessed how messed up my life was after what she did! Shes my first love, Miko. I won be like this if she broke up with me instead of cheating on me! ” I yelled.

”Im sorry if I have to be frank with you, Sir Stephen, but… I know myself that you still love her. You have never had women since the day she broke up with you. Even a fling and your sex life had been inactive for three years. ”

e like a monk! Most of all, you have to forgive her and think of it this way. Shes not the woman for you. Stop creating a revenge plan in your head, sir, ” he added.

He looks serious while saying those words.

”Is it wrong if Ill become selfish, Miko? I want her to say sorry. I want her to tell me the reason why she did that. I need closure and an acceptable reason. I deserve that, ” I mumbled. He sigh.

”I will take care of it, Sir. I hope you still reconsider whatever decision you have in mind, ” he says and leaves.

I nestled my back on my chair and think it over. Should I accept my friends bet? Or maybe Ill just listen to Miko. His words make sense.

I decided to drop by a fast-food chain. The same place where we always eat together three years ago. ”I want a chicken sandwich, fries, spaghetti, and float. ” Our eyes meet and we are both surprised when we saw each other. Its a lunch break.

”You are here, ” I mumbled.

”That will be $10, Sir. ”

I gave her my 20-dollar bill. She looks agitated to see me. I thought she was still studying. What is she doing here? She put the food herself because the other staff seems to be busy themselves.

”You should be at school at this hour. ” She didn look at me when she answered.

”I work here for three hours every day. My schedule changes every semester, ” she says.

”Oh, yes. I forgot. ” She put the last order of mine.

”Thank you, Sir. ”

She went back to the cashier. I grab the food and eat at a table where I can watch her. I know she notices that I am watching her. No matter how thick or thin her make-up, shes gorgeous from every angle.

Thats why men in Edwards bar were obsessed with taking her out for extra service. When I finish my food and I notice that she left the counter, I ordered again. Her favorite combo.

”Its a take-out. Give it to Emella when her shift is over. Heres my compensation for doing this favor. Thank you, ” I smiled and leave her.

She didn catch me up because she needs to attend to the next man who will order his food. I hope shell take the food I gave her. I can tell that she hasn eaten yet and knowing her, shell suppress her hunger to save up.

Days had passed, and I decided to visit Edmonds bar again. The bartender looks at me.

”The ex. I mean the kisser who succeeded in humiliating the star hostess, ” she says.

”You know about that? ” I ask. She simply nods.

”Shes not here to do. Theres an emergency that she needs to fix. ” I simply nod and drink my scotch.

”Can I ask some questions? ” she says.

”Even if I will say no, you will ask anyway. ” She sigh.

”Im curious why you look at her with love and yet hatred was there. You haven moved on, right? ” she asks. ”Have you experienced being cheated? ” I ask her back.

”Yes. It sucks. But there are things that you didn know or understand from that persons point of view. ” I look at her and I can sense what she has meant in her words.

”Why? Did she tell you her side drenched with her lies? ” I ask.

She shakes the alcohol and looks at me. ”Drench with lies, huh? Thats quite bitter of you, Mr. Ricafranca. ” I scoff and ask for another shot.

”She didn know how I struggled throughout the years because she cheats on me. I hate women because of her, ” I stated.

”Wow. Some choose to be womanizers when they
e being cheated on, but you? You
e one of those million then, ” she says.

”Don tell me you didn hate men because your ex cheats on you, ” I ask.

”Nah, I love men. They
e the dessert I adore, ” she says.

e like that singer who says she doesn need men, but they
e dessert for her, ” I mumbled.

She laugh and she didn ask anymore. I left after five shots and decided to drop by in a certain place.

”What is the reason why you ask me to stay away from her, dad? ” I utter.

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