116 – Absolute Idol Hero 3

Like the scythe of the Black Reaper, her kick approaches my neck.

I buckle my knees, using my own weight to pull my upper body down.

The sound of a sharp blade passes overhead.

I was able to avoid it. But in this position, a second attack will-

「You, youre a Black Sorcerer yet you know martial arts?」

Thats because I became a disciple of one of the Big Four.

「But with this-」

Am I out of time? If this keeps up…

Just when I was about to unleash the horn.

「Lord Lemegeton, it is done.」


At that voice, Ellie looked stunned.

As if she heard a voice that she shouldnt be able to.

Then she looked at the other person, looked at what she had done, then back to me with a warped expression.

「When did…no, how did you…?」

Hers was a face of utter astonishment.

「At the time when you approached us.」

The one who reported to me earlier was Meadow, the Evil Eye Assassin Botis.

The strategy was thus.

At the same time as the start of the battle, I cast my Black Magic on all five people.

What I cast was Confusion. An enhanced version of what I usually cast.

I inhibited the cognition of Botis for all five of them. In other words, they couldnt sense her.

And because she is already an Assassin with a specialty of erasing her presence, there isnt even the slightest chance of her being found out.

「Impossible! I had Resist on…no, you didnt…you couldnt possibly have…」

An armor of Magical Energy is a Magical Energy guzzler.

She had that on all the time while she moved around, used Wind Magic to shift, attack, and even give support. Its honestly quite impressive.

I, too, have pride in my Black Magic.

How one can repel Black Magic with an armor of Magical Energy is by deploying ones own Magical Energy in order to prevent the invasion of the enemys Magical Energy.

Its like, even if you had a bucket filled with water and tried to pour it on your opponent, theres no way theyd get wet because theyre wearing a full raincoat.

However, what if you were to use a water gun and aim at pinpoint gaps in her raincoat?

I form my Black Magic in the shape of a thread, rather than filling a bucket. I thread a needle of Magical Energy to my target, rather than shower them in it. My nerves were more worn down than usual, but I managed to confirm the state of Ellies Magical Energy during that first attack that Foras blocked.

When I swung his large shield around to intercept the second attack, I succeeded in threading the needle.

As for the other four, I cast it on them the moment the battle began.

And then, while Foras and I drew Ellie towards us, we cast Black Magic on the other four.

We wanted to prevent them from narrowly avoiding attacks, so we chose Speed Down.

The effects were outstanding. The two White Sorcerers were occupied with dispelling it, while the other two Black Sorcerers were no longer able to slow down Amduscias.

The four, who are struggling with Alraune, were put into a predicament due to Amduscias charges.

Thats why Ellie was trying to rush the fight.

Defeat Foras and I, then magnificently save the other four.

Foras Black Magic wasnt able to affect Ellie because of her Magical Energy armor, naturally.

If a lot of your Magical Energy is being repelled, its much more beneficial to choose a different target.

I had cast Black Magic that was separate from Confusion in order to distract her and keep her Magical Energy armor out.

「…You can do that? …Black Magic can be used…to that extent…?」

「What now, Hero Ellie? Shall we keep going?」

Botis lowered the bandage over her eyes and they glowed a faint red light.

Jean stared at them and turned into a stone statue.

She has the ability to petrify.

Due to its range and the time it takes for it to take effect, its necessary for her to hide her presence.

Having predicted Ellies support, I thought that the most useful thing in this fight was going to be Botis.

Foras did well standing around as my guard, but he isnt a combat class.

Neither is Amduscias but she has the Aptitude for close-quarters combat. But like the Alraune, her attacks were avoided because of Ellies support.

The ability to defeat the enemy without even fighting them is exactly why I thought her power would be so effective.

Petrification has properties similar to magic and can be Resisted. So a Hero who has been deploying her Magical Energy since the start of the battle cannot be defeated this way.

「Wait. What makes you think that Id give up if you defeat my pets?」

「Ive watched your fights. To you, victory is only attained by winning with all five of you.」

I cant comment on the bond that the five of them share.

But I can tell by looking at them that it is a firm bond.

The remaining three had regretful looks on their faces.

「…What if you were off the mark, and I said to continue the battle?」

That, of course, is also a possibility. One that I dont want to happen.

Without unleashing the horn, I stop hiding my Magical Energy.

The Magical Energy created by my Magical Energy organ can be felt in my surroundings.

「Do as you wish.」

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