12 – The Vampire Queen Said That the Demon King Army Chief of Staff Needs Someone Who Can Understand Him

Milla was wearing a disguise. 

She had a hat that hid her bat-like feelers, a mask that hid her fangs, and contacts that changed her eyes to blue. 

“Good morning. I thought Id run into you here.” 

Oh right, she saw me here during that incident yesterday. 

She was probably wearing a disguise out of consideration towards me so people wouldnt spread any weird rumors from seeing the Black Sorcerer Lem walking around with a vampire. I guess she wasnt wearing it yesterday since she just happened to see me. 

Or was it so that Blitz and Cashew wouldnt figure out my new job? 

Anyway, the point is that she met me in disguise. 

Id see her in the workplace, so I wondered why she decided to meet me here. 

But its strange… 

That pretty smile on her face looks somewhat scary right now. 

Milla looked towards Cashew for a second. 

“…Dont tell me youre the same as that pervert.” 

I instantly realized she was talking about Agares. 

“Its not like that at all! Im sure that should be obvious judging from how I treat Her M- I mean, Hermine!” 

I almost caught myself saying “Her Majesty” in front of the two so I tried to cover it up. 

After staring at me for a while, she suddenly let out a little giggle. 

“Im just kidding. I believe you.” 

“Well, thats good…” 

Thank god. 

“Besides, if you ever happen to start straying towards the wrong path, Ill be right there to drag you back to the correct one.” 

Milla spoke while placing her hand on her chest. 

While I was still feeling startled, the look on Cashews face seemed to be drowned in despair… 

She was feeling devastated as she compared her chest with Millas. 

Cashews smile is what saves me, yet that smile of hers was muddled away right now. 

Milla leaned over to Cashew. 

“Good morning, little greengrocer.” 

“I-Im not little, Ill be growing big soon enough… but good morning.” 

I was proud of Cashew being able to greet her back. 

…What was Milla planning on, though? 

“Wow, you sure are pretty. You an acquaintance of Lems?” 

“Yes. Lem has helped me out in the past.” 

She must be talking about me joining the Demon King Army. 

“Ah, yeah he is that kind of guy.” 


Blitz was keeping his promise not to talk about yesterday, and Milla didnt mention anything about seeing the incident. 

But the both of them nodded in understanding towards each other. 

“Im here today to talk with… Cashew, was it?” 


I responded in surprise. 

“Please excuse me, but you need money, correct?” 

…Wait, hold on a second, Milla. 

“Uh, um… I want to be able to help out Mom a little…” 

Cashew nervously responded. She probably had customers question why she was there multiple times in the past, so shes gotten used to giving that kind of answer. 

“Thats wonderful. By the way, how much do you usually make in a day here?” 

…Um, Milla? 

“The shopkeepers kindness is also wonderful. But Cashew, would you be interested in a job that would give you much more stable income?” 

I knew it…! 

I dont know why, but Milla was trying to recruit Cashew into the Demon King Army. 

But thats no good. Shes just too young… Even the Demon Kings at least 10 years old, and its only fine for her since shes enjoying following in the footsteps of her father. 

Milla noticed my concern and winked at me. 

It was pretty, but I still worried about Cashew. 

“You wont have to do anything dangerous. But Lems new job is really tough, itd be nice if he had an assistant that could help him out.” 

What exactly does she mean…? 

We couldnt possibly send her out as an active member of the dungeon, but I guess she could work behind the scene in setting the place up? 

Wait, since that wouldnt be dangerous, thats actually not a bad idea. 

Her income from selling fruit wasnt stable, and she probably doesnt get much at all, to begin with. 

To be honest I always felt sorry for her since she usually had a huge pile of fruit left unsold whenever I went to see her. 

“Miss, are you Lems new party member?” 

“Yes. So, Cashew, if you decide to come with me, Ill reward you with this much.” 

“Huh?! T-That much?!” 

“It might be a bit busy for a while, but once things settle down, youll be able to have a long break.” 


“And the best part of this all is that were specifically looking for assistants to Lem.” 

“T-To Lem?!” 

The despair had completely left Cashews face. It was now replaced with surprise and excitement. 

“What do you think? You can discuss it with the shopkeeper and your family. If you can schedule a time for me, I can even personally explain the details to your family.” 

Cashew seemed to be getting overwhelmed by all this new information. 

“Hey, miss. Since Lem doesnt seem to be saying anything, I suppose that means he trusts you. But I dont know you, and would a party on your level really have the funds to spare to pay Cashew?” 

Blitz was worried about Cashew. The offer did sound too good to be true, after all. 

“Your concern is perfectly understandable. Please excuse me if this sounds a bit rude, but whether or not Ill further explain the details depends on Cashews decision.” 

“Hmm. So youre saying youll only explain if she shows interest in the job. I guess I cant complain about that. But what if she changes her mind afterward?” 

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“That shouldnt matter. I simply wish to see that she has the will to work.” 

Millas words were clear and concise. 

I looked at Cashew. 

Cashew looked back at me. 

“L-Lem… would it be a problem for you if I were to be your assistant?” 

Her face

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