2 – The Black Sorcerer That Became Unemployed That Day

It somehow became customary for us to go to a specific place after work somewhere along the line. 

It was a place that only accepted customers who were affiliated with the Adventurer Union, also known as the Adventurer Cafeteria 

We sat around the round table. 

After toasting to all of us, the Warrior Alba gulped down his wooden mug filled to the brim with alcohol in a single chug. 

Letting out a satisfied 「pwah,」 he slammed his mug onto the table. 

After asking a nearby waiter to get him a refill, his already-red face turned to me with a glare. His ferocity was about halfway diminished thanks to the froth around his mouth. 

「Yknow, you really have just been holding us back, huh?」 

I internally sighed. 

This has also become somewhat customary as of late, a topic he had to bring up whenever he had the chance. 


「Dont defend him, Fenix!」 

Just to make this clear, the only one to ever definitely defend me when this topic came up was the Hero Fenix. 

And it was always Alba who found fault in him for doing so as well. 

He had hair with the red of raging flames and a gentle smile that fit his well-featured face. His height might make him look scrawny at first, but his body was actually indeed well trained. Amongst the rest of the dungeon-clearing-crazed hardcore maniacs that often appeared in the field of adventurers, he stood out for having a pretty face that brought to mind sagacity. 

He was also a childhood friend of mine that grew up in the same village as me. 

We promised each other wed work together as adventurers as kids, and that still held true to this day. 

But it seemed that it wouldnt last for much longer. 

The reason of course being myself. 

The Paladin Lark was munching on his bean snack dish, seemingly uncaring of the current conversation. 

The Hunter Lily appeared to be listening in as she elegantly sipped on her wine. 

As for me, all I could do was make an awkward forced smile with my hands around my mug. 

Apparently that pissed off Alba even more. 

「To be honest, youre only in this party because youre Fenixs damn childhood friend. Me, Lark, and Lily all got incause of our skills. We prove our ability every single time. But what about you? I cant ever tell if your dumb Black Magic even does anything. Do you really think youre being of any help like that? Huh?」 

In our country, our Job is revealed by the temple when we become 10. 

To put it simply, God tells us what occupation were fit for. 

It wouldnt have to be adventurer-related, you could become a Chef, a Merchant, a Blacksmith, a Goldsmith, and so on.  

While that doesnt mean we have to choose that occupation, for example if a Blacksmith decides to become a chef, hardly anyone would take them on as an apprentice, and even if they opened a restaurant all of a sudden, it wouldnt prosper. Even Id only want to eat food thats good, so Id go to a restaurant that has a legitimate Chef. 

Attempting to live a life that goes against your Job means travelling down a path of hardship. 

It becomes even harder if becoming an adventurer. 

Youre only allowed to register as an adventurer with your applicable Job. 

This means that upon becoming an adventurer, Id have to be a Black Sorcerer.  

But its extremely hard to make out the effects of Black Magic. Of course, I know exactly what my Black Magics doing, but my comrades and viewers cant tell at all.  

And if I attempt to stand up for myself, they hear nothing but excuses. 

「Well… Ahaha.」 

「This aint funny!」 

His drunken breath accompanied his angry roar. 

「Im sure you know that a party can only have up to 5 members. If we keep having a useless piece of shit take up a slot in our already limited roster, we aint ever gonna rise any higher. Were not a party thats gonna stop at the #4 spot. If were gonna rise higher, we need all 5 members to be the cream of the crop!」 

Alba was in the right. 

Even I knew that. I didnt need anyone to tell me that I was just a second-rate adventurer next to Fenix.  

But even if its true that Black Sorcerers arent popular, I dont think that I was holding back my comrades. 

But I doubt I couldve convinced Alba anyway. 

Though, nothing would change even if I were to get him to recognize my abilities. After all, his reason for wanting me out had nothing to do with that. 

Whether I was capable or not, he just didnt want a Black Sorcerer in the party. 

While being an adventurer definitely did involve having the strong stand at the top, it was also a trade that depended on popularity. 

You cant beat a dungeon if you arent strong enough, but you wont garner any attention if you dont clear it in a flashy way either. 

Its the same thing as how even though whats inside matters most, its easier to get popular if you have good looks. Its sad, but thats how the world works. 

「Im telling you, stop leeching off of Fenix already!」 

People entering dungeons and defeating monsters that are a threat to humanity and collecting treasure all with putting their life on the line has become a thing of the past. 

These days, dungeon clearing has become entirely commercialized, with adventurers and monsters being mere occupations. 

Of course, theyre still true and honest battles that dont involve staging, but the dungeon clears are broadcast and viewed all across the world.  

The clears that get the most views are the ones with flashy battles and adventurers that catch the eye. 

Black Sorcerers are a Job recognized to not even deserve a slot in a party. Its so unpopular that getting told your occupation is Black Sorcerer is almost equivalent to your life instantly getting checkmated. 

It wasnt uncommon for monsters to be Black Sorcerers, but since a talented adventurer can just brute force through even if they got a typical Black Magic cast on them, there are hardly anyone that wants one on their team. 

「Alba, that was an extremely rude way to say that. Apologize to Lem.」 

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