After Charlotte had left,customers who were not happy about what happened soon left the restaurant.

Annabel stood there still in shock. It was when she felt something hot trickling down her cheeks that she came back to herself. She touched her cheeks and sniffles. She was crying

She tried to stop the tears from falling but she couldn . She was hurt.

She felt someone touch her shoulder and turned to see Sam,Esther and Linda in front of her.

”Come on Annie,don shed tears over what happened okay? Weve all experienced things like this ”Esther tried to calm her down

”But hers was worse. Who pours pepper soup on a fellow human being? I know that Charlotte very well,she is heartless especially to people she feels are a threat to her relationship,wealth or beauty ” Linda said and they gasped

”I know why now. Annabel is more beautiful than her thats why she mistreated her in that manner ”Sam said

e right ”Esther said and Linda nodded

”Don worry Annie,she is just jealous of you. Forget about everything okay? ” Sam said

Annabel nodded and wiped her tears. She shouldn waste her tears on that piece of junk. She was going to get her revenge sooner or later. What she needs now is how to clean herself up.

As if reading her thoughts,Linda rushed to her

”Come baby girl let me clean you up ”

She followed Linda to the restroom and they came out few minutes later. Annabels skin turned red due to the hot pepper soup but that didn hide her beauty like Charlotte presumed but it didn work.

”Just look at my skin ughhh Whats her name again? ”Annabel asked in fury

”What are you planning to do? ” Esther asked

”Getting revenge ”

”Thats a suicide mission ” Sam said

”I don care. She won go scot free for this ” Annabel was adamant

”Her name is Charlotte Vegas ”Linda said

”Noted. Thanks for helping me clean up ” She said and walked out of the restaurant

”Linda why did you tell her? ”Esther asked

”The lady wants revenge so let her have it ” Linda said

”Annabel is very smart but Charlotte is ruthless. She has people working for her and would hunt her down ” Sam said

”Annabel is going to be fine okay? ” Linda assured

”I hope so ”Esther said and each got back to what they were doing

Annabel was very angry. Never in her life has she imagined something like this happening to her. She doesn care whether Charlotte has the most connection,she was going to make her pay?

She took her phone out and dialed Alexas number. Alexa answered

….Hello…can I stay at your place tonight?….Ill explain when Im there…Alright see you ”

She ended the call and called her dad informing him of where she would be



Annabel arrived at the third street from the restaurant later and found Alexas house. Alexa was leaving alone cause the main family house was far from the house. It was a two bedroom flat and she had always begged Annabel to come stay with her but she refused.

Annabel knocked on the gate and was welcomed by Alexa who had rushed out after her call. Immediately Annabel entered,Alexa gasped

”What happened to you? ” She asked scanning her from head to toe

”Lets go in first Ill explain ”

They went into the house and she sat down on the pink couch. The living room was girl themed with beautiful pics of the BTS celebrity guys on the walls.

”Now start talking and don leave out a single detail ”

Annabel sighed and explained everything to Alexa who got up angrily

”Who gave that skunk the right to do this to you? She must be out of her senses. Im calling my dad ”

”No babe don bring your dad into this. Ill take care of it ”

”No! Someone needs to teach that dog brain a lesson ”

”Calm down. Ill do that ”

Alexa sat down and examined her hand

”Just look at what she did to you. You can go to school like this and our final exams before graduation are coming up ” Alexa said almost in tears

”Don worry,Ill be fine before the exams ” Annabel assured her worried friend

”Does it hurt? ”

”A little ”

”Stay put let me get an ointment…she rushed to the place where drugs and other health stuffs are kept and brought out an ointment for burns. She rushed over to Annabel and started applying it on her skin…Your skin should return to normal in a few days ”

”How are you sure? ”

”My dad is a doctor remember? ”

”Yeah I remember. Thanks ”

”Don mention. How about your dad? ”

”I didn tell him. He is already over 50 years old and I don him to worry. I told him Ill be staying with you for sometime ”

”Okay. Ill go get some of your clothes tomorrow ”

”Thanks ”

”Thats what friends are for ”

After applying the lotion,the ladies chatted for some time,played games and went to bed.




”I want you to do a background check on that waitress ” Charlotte said turning to face one of her bodyguards

”Yes ma ”

”You may go now ” She said and he left immediately

”What would you like to have my lady? ” One of the maids asked

Charlotte looked at the maid in disgust

”Bend ” She ordered and the maid obeyed

Immediately she bent down,Charlotte gave her a resounding slap

”Did I ask for anything? ”

”Im sorry ma ”

e sorry? Get out of here immediately ”

The girl ran from her

”Fool ”

She picked up her phone and called Adams but he didn pick his calls.

She tried several times but the call didn go through.

She got angry and threw her phone on the couch.

She felt her was ignoring her deliberately.



Alexa refused to go to school and volunteered to stay and take care of Annabel. Annabel tried to Persuade her into going but the lady remained stubborn and took care of her. The ointment was helping alot.

”Alexa,Im not pregnant you know right? ” Annabel was uncomfortable with the way a rich lady was acting like her maid and doing everything for her

”Yes. You
e not pregnant but you
e hurt so let me take care of you. Although…. ”

”What ”

”It would be cute if you were pregnant. Adams would be the father and I would be an aunt ”

”Naughty girl ” Annabel said and they laugh

”Lets stroll for awhile so you can get some fresh air ” Alexa said

”Okay ”

Annabel stood up and put on her jacket. She wore a black head warmer and they came out of the house. They strolled along the streets chatting and laughing.

They walked past a huge Skyscrape with Adams building and design company logo on it.

Annabel stopped and admire the building

”Alexa wow! Is this Adams company? ”

”Yes it is ”

”Why didn you tell me it was close to your apartment? ”

”I didn know you would be interested in it. Sorry babe ”

”No problem ”

They continued their walk.



Adams sat down in his office and swayed from left to right then right to left on his office chair. He was bored and wanted something interesting but none was forthcoming.

He somehow missed Annabel especially her naggy and crazy character. Her beautiful face,angry face,sweet smile and sweet voice.

He sighed.

He couldn understand his sudden attraction to her. He is supposed to hate her for not respecting him the way he wants but he just couldn bring himself to do that. He only pretends to hate her because his ego won let him admit hes falling for her.

He believes the feeling would die down but it increases day by day and he miss her.

”I must be over thinking this ” He said and stood up.

He picked up his car keys and left the company. No one dared to ask where he was going to. He is the boss and can do whatever he likes.

Besides,his manager would handle things for him.

He entered his jeep and drove out of the premises. Maybe a little ride around the city streets would make him stop thinking about her.


Annabel and Alexa were done strolling and were on their way back when a jeep nearly bumped into them.

Adams had seen her from afar and did that to draw her attention. He stopped the jeep and stepped out.

Alexa was the first to see him and tapped Annabel.

”Annie,Annie ”

”Yes? ”

”Its Adams ”

”Where? ”

Alexa pointed at his direction

”OMG hes coming our direction ” Alexa said drooling over his features

Adams strode towards them and stood in front of Annabel

”We meet again Ms. Annabel ” He said smiling

Annabel lowered her head. She didn want him to see her red face else he may use it against her.

Adams noticed something was strange

”Why are you lowering your head or are you suddenly shy? ” He asked

”No Im not ” She answered immediately

”Hi Mr. Adams Im Alexa her best friend. Its so nice to finally meet you in person ” Alexa said

”Nice meeting you too ” He extends his hand for a handshake

Alexa shook him and was elated. Today was gonna be pinned in her diary.

Adams turned back to Annabel. It was unlike her to be this quiet

”Annabel ” He called

Annabel felt butterflies in her stomach. The way he called her name made her heart skip a beat.

”Whats wrong with her? ” He asked Alexa but Annabel gave a signal not to talk.

”Well be leaving now ” She said and wanted to go but he held her hands and she winced in pain. The burn on her skin still hurts

”Are you okay? ” He withdrew his hands immediately

She turned to look at him and he was shocked. It was like his legs moved on their own and he was in front of her. He pulled the jacket from her hand and saw her red skin. Anger built inside of him and he asked

”Who did this to you? ”

”No one ” She replied

”Who did this to her? ” He asked Alexa and she told him everything he wanted to hear

”Alexa? ” Annabel looked at her

”Sorry ”She said

”Charlotte did this to you? ” He asked and she nodded

By the way,why was he being nice to her? It was weird

Adams walked over to the car and drove off.

Destination:Charlottes house

She was gonna explain why she did that to Annabel.

Words couldn explain how angry he was right now.


Adams arrived in no time and the gate was opened. He stepped out of the car and barged into the house.

Charlotte was sipping a red wine when he entered. When she saw him,she smiled

”Good morning Adams ” She greeted but what his reply shocked her

”Keep your greetings to yourself Charlotte. Im not here for courtesies ”

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