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The next morning.

The sunlight shone into the cave again, adding a trace of light.

Mother Wolf and the Fallen Leaf, who were guarding the wolf cubs, also slowly woke up. They first looked at the wolf cubs who were still sleeping before looking into the cave.

However, what they saw shocked them. An unfamiliar white wolf had actually appeared in the cave.

Judging from the other partys appearance, the wolf seemed to have yet to reach adulthood.

Fallen Leaf hurriedly took a warning posture, wanting to force this unfamiliar young wolf to leave their territory.

Mother Wolf sniffed the smell in the air and then pondered.

“Howl ~”

The warning voice of Fallen Leaf woke Su Ming up and also attracted the attention of Father Wolf and the wolf brothers.

As the leader of the wolves, Father Wolf stood up and walked in front of Su Ming step by step as it stared fixedly at the other party. The two wolf brothers behind it wanted to hurriedly explain the situation.

Looking at Father Wolf, who was a head taller than him, Su Ming could sense the suffocating pressure from the other partys eyes.

However, Father Wolf quickly retracted his gaze and crawled back to the entrance of the cave. It walked past the two wolf brothers who were late.

Only after the two wolf brothers explained did Fallen Leaf realize that the young wolf in front of it was actually Su Ming.

It arrived beside Su Ming apologetically and licked its hair, as if apologizing for its rash behavior just now.

Su Ming naturally did not care about this. He also turned around and rubbed his head against Fallen Leaf to express himself.

Mother Wolf smiled and looked at the two wolves. After Fallen Leaf left, it walked in front of Su Ming.

It licked Su Mings head very intimately and tidied the scattered hair on it. Su Ming also took the opportunity to lie on the ground and let Mother Wolf clean him up, enjoying their time alone.

After a long time, Mother Wolf retracted its tongue. After looking at its grown-up children, it returned to the little wolf cubs. It knew very well that the eldest son in front of it no longer needed its care.

After Mother Wolf left, Su Ming also slowly got up at the appropriate time. After looking at the sunlight that shone in from outside the cave, he decided to start todays training.

Coupled with his experience from the previous day, Su Ming was prepared to combine the second and third training and do them at the same time.

Thinking of this, the white-haired wolf began to run in the cave again. At times, it jumped high and at other times, it rushed quickly, making laps around wolf den several times.

Thanks to Su Mings commotion and the warning roar of Fallen Leaf a moment ago, the little wolves who were originally sleeping also woke up one after another and imitated Su Mings ability to walk.

Mother Wolf and Fallen Leaf were very satisfied with the wolf cubs behavior of treating Su Ming as their role model and being willing to try walking around. They hoped that the new generation of wolves could grow healthily and become the backbone of the pack.

Among this group of little fellows, one gray wolf cub worked the hardest. It tried its best to maintain its balance and kept walking towards Su Ming with all its strength.

Although it would also fall to the ground sometimes, it was not discouraged. Instead, it quickly stood up and walked forward again, completely different from the other ignorant wolf cubs.

Soon, the gray wolf stood out from the group of stumbling little fellows and took the lead.

Its efforts were not in vain. Its walking speed had already gone from an extremely slow speed to a near normal speed in the end.

After jumping high and landing on the rock, Su Ming also noticed this very hardworking younger brother.

It quickly walked behind him, as if it wanted to follow Su Mings example.

Although the speed of the gray wolf cub was clearly not as fast as Su Ming, it was still much better than the wolf cubs of the same age.

It had to be known that aside from the two of them, the group of wolf cubs was still practicing walking. For the time being, no wolf could compare to them.

Su Ming slowed down his training speed at the right time to allow the other party to follow his movements.

The scene in the cave changed again. Now, instead of a single white wolf running everywhere, there was now a little gray wolf following behind.

During this period, the little gray wolf accidentally fell when it was learning Su Mings jumping action. Fortunately, it did not fall from a high place and did not suffer any damage. It was in a daze for a moment before immediately standing up and following Su Mings training.

About an hour later, it also successfully grasped the ability to jump. Moreover, it was becoming more and more proficient in running. It no longer needed Su Ming to slow down and could keep up with Su Ming.

The other partys change also confirmed Su Mings guess. Not only was this disciple very hardworking in training, but its bodys learning ability and adaptability were also rather outstanding. Otherwise, it would definitely not have stood out from the wolf cubs today and become the only wolf cub that could keep up with Su Mings training.

All the adult wolves were very relieved that another walking member of the new generation had appeared in the pack.

Even Father Wolf, who usually closed its eyes to rest, opened its eyes and looked at the two new disciples behind him who were still running.

After a long time, Father Wolf retracted its gaze. After barking at his eldest and second brothers, it turned around and left the cave.

On the other side, the training of the Su Ming brothers in the cave continued.

Su Ming led the way, and the little gray wolf followed closely behind, constantly learning the other partys movements.

However, its speed was actually becoming slower and slower. As the other party was already sticking out its tongue, it could be seen that the strength in its body was almost exhausted.

Finally, when it was almost noon and the suns strongest moment arrived, the exhausted little gray wolf could no longer hold on.

It lay on the ground, panting incessantly, unable to move at all.

To be honest, if not for the fact that Su Ming, who had abnormal stamina, was a role model, this little gray wolf would have long collapsed. It was already not bad for it to be able to complete the two and a half hours of training.

After wandering around the cave again, Su Ming walked in front of the little gray wolf. He gently picked it up by gripping the back of its neck with his mouth. He carefully placed it beside the pool in the cave and let it rest.

Yes, there was a small pool in this cave formed by the dripping stalactites above. It could temporarily satisfy the wolves drinking needs.

Of course, when they really needed water, they still had to cross the forest and approach the lake in the center of the forest.

However, now, the small pool water in the cave could ease the little gray wolfs situation. The other party had exhausted a lot of strength from training and had also emitted a lot of water in its body. Therefore, Su Ming placed it beside the pool.

After resting for a moment, the little gray wolf could not wait to drink the water in the pool.

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