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Blue Planet, Huaxia, Snow Ridge Spruce Reserve.

In a cave somewhere, two adult female wolves were guarding a nest of newborn wolf cubs.

Among this nest of gray and white wolf cubs, there was a snow-white wolf cub that stood out. It was Su Ming.

At this moment, Su Ming was looking at his wolf claws and silently pondering.

Su Ming was once an ordinary white-collared worker. However, one morning, after working overnight, he suddenly fell into a coma.

When he woke up again, he realized that he was already unable to open his eyes. No matter how hard he tried, he could not open them.

At first, Su Ming did not know what had happened to him. He had been hesitant and afraid. Not only could he not open his eyes, but even his ears had completely lost their function.

Every time he wanted to shout for help, a moist and smooth tongue would constantly lick his body, as if it was comforting Su Ming.

Only today could he finally open his eyes and see and hear the world.

A comfortable feeling spread from Su Mings body. He had never realized that his body was so good. However, when he saw the grayish-white wolf faces, Su Ming was stunned.

He looked at his body and finally confirmed that he had reincarnated as a wolf.

Anyone would feel a strong sense of difference from a human to a gray wolf. Su Ming was no exception. Not only had he lost his human identity, but he had also lost the life he could enjoy as a human.

Yes, compared to the daily life of a beast, the life of a wild gray wolf cub was clearly more dangerous. In the absence of humans to raise them, the survival rate of a nest of gray wolf cubs was only 50%.

Fortunately, Su Ming had nothing to worry about in his previous life. He was originally an orphan and his savings from when he was alive would probably be transferred to the orphanage that raised him.

Therefore, after spending a lot of time, Su Ming accepted this identity in relief. He stood up and swayed as he wanted to walk around. However, he was quickly brought back to the wolf cubs by his mother, a gray and white female wolf.

The young wolves that had just opened their eyes actually did not have the ability to move. They could only run freely when they were more than a month old.

Among their siblings, Su Ming was the first to open his eyes. However, he could only look at the top of the cave and silently think about his future.

Although he had the wolves to provide food now, he would follow the wolves to hunt when he was three months old. At that time, he would have to rely on his own ability to eat as much as he could.

Not to mention that he might have to leave the pack and establish his own territory after becoming an adult. In that case, having a strong body would be Su Mings main goal.


Suddenly, a sound came from outside the cave, interrupting Su Mings thoughts and making him look towards the cave entrance. Not only Su Ming, but the two female wolves guarding the cave also looked towards the source of the sound.

In the dense forest outside the cave, three gray wolves walked out. The one in the lead was even taller, more majestic, and stronger than the two companions beside it. Its eyes were silver-white and flickered with a soul-stirring cold light.

It was the leader of Su Mings wolf pack and his father in this life.

On both sides of Father Wolf were Su Mings brothers. They were born a year earlier than Su Ming and followed Father Wolf to provide food for the pack.

Generally speaking, gray wolves could give birth to four to seven cubs in a single birth. However, there were only two young wolves in the previous generation. From this, it could be seen how cruel this protected environment was. This was also the reason why the wolves were in a hurry to give birth to more wolves, including Su Ming.

It was to make up for the loss of the first generation members of the wolf pack. At the same time, this also meant that the wolf pack had previously experienced a huge battle.

Father Wolf and the other two wolves dragged the prey they had hunted today to the entrance of the cave.

Su Mings mother, one of the two wolves guarding the cave, went forward to lick Father Wolfs fur after seeing the other party walk over. The other female wolf stayed outside and did not dare to approach the two.

This situation was caused by the special class mechanism of the wolf pack.

Generally speaking, wolves had t

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