The Witch’s Clinic

Chapter 4: Reason

”There is no other way, if this baby is born it will be very miserable. You and I are two people with nothing in our hands, I don understand how you can come to this decision without notifying me! ” – The man was also a little annoyed at this point.

”This weekend I will take you to the lagoon! Now you have to get back to work! ” – The man got up and left without looking back.

Midy Cruise has been listening to every word in the story he has just been told, in his opinion, there is basically no right or wrong person in this story. Spacy Tron also has his own reasons and that man is also very right! In this day and age, the birth and then raising of a child from infancy to adulthood is a very sacred affair and costs a lot of money. If it keeps giving birth, it will have a childhood that is not as good as friends. The mistake of the two of them was not to discuss with each other in the first place, so basically it is very difficult to talk about who is wrong and who is right in this story.

”And then that weekend he also arranged work and took me to a maternity clinic, after a preliminary examination, the baby in my belly was also two months old! But he insisted that I get rid of it! ” – Spacy Tron recounted that his eyes still had a sour tinge.

”After that, you still agreed to abort the baby, right? ” – Midy Cruise continued to ask.

”Yes, I have accepted to give up the baby. I can stand it when people say Im unmarried and have children. Thats why… ” – Before Spacy Tron could continue speaking, he was interrupted by Midy Cruise.

”OK! I got the point! ” – Midy Cruise didn seem to want to listen, so he asked.

”Can you tell me what nightmare youve been having lately? ” – Midy Cruise left the thinking area, looking at Spacy Tron with a pale face.

”In the dark, I keep hearing a childs voice in my ear, why don I let it appear in my life? Why would I mercilessly take away its right to life? ” – Spacy Tron was very sad to tell.

”Perhaps her frequent nightmares are because she feels sorry for the child, and thats why those thoughts form the scary sounds or images in her dreams. ” – Midy Cruise looked up at Spacys face and said enthusiastically, but there was something on this girls head that surprised him a bit.

And the moment he saw the object appearing on Spacys head, Midy Cruise knew that this was not as simple as he thought.

What was hanging on Spacys head right now was a black shadow, without any shape, it kept clinging to her head as if it didn want to let go.

Midy Cruise knows exactly what this is, he also knows why nightmares always follow Spacy Tron, because this shapeless black shadow is constantly sucking Spacys life force. Maybe thats why she always felt so tired and lifeless.

”Do you often have headaches? ” – Midy Cruise asked Spacy Tron.

”Yes, I always feel like there is something very heavy on my head, it makes me feel very heavy and uncomfortable! ” – Spacy Tron nodded.

”I can certainly cure you of all the symptoms you are experiencing. But the price on my side will be very high compared to the market, because you will recover very quickly! ” – Midy Cruise knows that the problem that this Spacy Tron girl encounters will certainly not be solved by any psychologist, because it belongs to the spiritual category, not about the pathology.

”I agree! My family has a lot of money! As long as you can get me out of this, Ill pay as much as I can! ” – Spacy Tron nodded in agreement.

”Since you
e my first patient, Ill give you a discount! I will calculate the total cost of the entire treatment process and medicine. . ” – Midy Tron pretended to calculate, then turned the calculator to show Spacy Tron.

”Twenty million? ” – Spacy Tron was a bit surprised, did not think that a psychological clinic would charge such a high price.

”Right! My clinic is one hundred percent sure that it will cure all the psychological problems you are having! ” – Midy Cruise said confidently.

”I will get the account number, I will transfer the money to the clinic later! ” – Spacy Tron also agrees to trust Midy Cruise.

”Okay then I will give you some sedatives now! If you take it exactly as prescribed by me, within a week you will not have any nightmares, or your fatigue headaches will completely disappear! ” – Midy Cruise looked at Spacy Tron and continued.

”Okay now you can go home! Just follow the instructions I write inside! ” – Midy Cruise, after completing the prescription, immediately wanted to expel the customer.

”Are you sure I will be completely cured in a week? If they act so quickly, are these pills safe? Will there be no side effects in the future? ” – Spacy Tron asked worriedly.

”You can not drink, if you do, you must trust the doctor who is treating you. I am sure the medicine I gave you is extremely safe and has no side effects. My clinic is also located here, if there is anything, you have the right to sue us at any time! ” – Midy Cruise now begins to show his displeasure when someone dares to doubt his qualifications.

”No no! I just asked random questions like that! I trust Dr. Cruise here! – Ngo Nhien felt that this doctor in front of him was a bit harsh and not easy to provoke, so he said hello and wanted to leave.

”Bye, Doctor Cruise! Im here, when I get home, Ill transfer the money right away! ” – After saying bye, Spacy Tron turned to leave.

”Bye! ” – Midy Cruise also nodded bye.

After Spacy Tron left, Taly Cruise went upstairs to the clinic to talk to her brother.

Taly Cruise very curiously asked: ”Whats wrong, brother? How was the first guest? Are you Alright? ”

”She had an abortion, and that child hasn left her for a minute! ” – Chau Kieu Vu leaned back on the chair and calmly replied.

”Does that mean…? ” – Taly Cruise seems to have the answer but is still a bit hesitant.

”Right! The childs resentful spirit was still hanging over her head so she had nightmares every night, and since it was a child spirit that had not had any form yet, leaving it unattended. To be dragged away is to suck the life of ones mother to continue living! ” – Midy Cruise told his brother what he saw.

”No wonder she looks so shabby and lifeless! ” – Taly Cruise knows the reason for nodding his head to show his wisdom.

”Okay, don talk nonsense! Hurry down and take care of the shop, what if Im here? ” – Midy Cruise suddenly forgot that below this psychological clinic there is still a grocery store waiting for someone to look after.

”Miss Ka Lan is downstairs looking after the shop for me! ” – Taly Cruise was afraid of being scolded, so he said.

”You can clean up the shop by yourself tonight, I have some business to take care of! ” – Midy Cruise said.

”Whats up? Do you have something outside that you need to deal with? Otherwise, wait until I finish cleaning up the shop and then come with me! ” – Taly Cruise is extremely curious as to where his brother wants to go in the middle of the night.

”Go talk to the spirit! Are you in the mood? ” – Midy Cruise did not care much about what his brother said, so he answered.

”Ah, I forgot Im busy practicing vocals tonight, thats for another time! Now I have to go downstairs or Miss Ka Lan will die of fatigue! ” – Taly Cruise heard his brothers answer, hurriedly told the story, then turned around and ran away.

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