Chapter 1

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I don’t know how this happened.
But, I am now being sold as a bride to the handsome villainous tyrant Emperor in the novel…

If I had been possessed by this novel a little earlier, I would have struggled to avoid getting married no matter what.

Well, aren’t there an infinite number of ways?

Like dropping a carriage off a cliff and pretending to be dead.

However, even if the timing was bad, it was too bad.

“Will you ask God Actila to protect in order to establish an eternal marriage bond?”

A wedding with the villainous emperor, I got possessed while walking down the aisle…!

This is a situation where you can’t even do anything about it!

Before even being able to try to change the original, I shed tears as I became in this state.
Glancing over the veil at the priest, he stared at me as if he was telling me to quickly say ‘yes.’ I couldn’t say no or run away in this cumbersome wedding dress like this.

In fact, the answer was already decided, and I have to say something.

“Yes, yes…”


A cry escaped as I mustered my courage to say ‘yes.’

Now, it was the Emperor’s turn, who was next to me.
I couldn’t even glance sideways, fearing that my neck would fly off if I dared to look at him.

You might be wondering if he is going to cut my head like that?’

This guy would really cut it.

That’s how serious he would actually cut my head.
It’s really up to the Emperor’s heart to spare my head or not.
Ordinary people like us shouldn’t be judgemental.

‘Anyway, his presence is really overwhelming…’

The weight of the air around him feels different.

Since it’s a wedding, he wouldn’t cut open a person.


A heavy yet silky voice could be heard next to me.
It’s a frighteningly beautiful voice.
Perhaps this voice also played a part in making so many women cry, and hang on to all this nonsense?

I was shivering with the bouquet in hand, waiting for his answer to fall.

I’m glad the veil covered my nervousness.

“…Until I get tired of this, shall I do this?”

And, the Emperor next to me didn’t disappoint.

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After all, he doesn’t take your marriage vows the same way as everyone else.
He really has a rich personality.
Please end this.
It will definitely go down in the history of weddings.

I’m so happy to be in the middle of that historical scene like this.

All right.
Actually… I’m not happy.
I’m incredibly scared.

I don’t know what is going through my mind right now, though I think I have to think about something to get through this.

I’m on the verge of losing my legs.

The priest in front of us seemed to be embarrassed by the Emperor’s unique answer, who was full of personality.

No, priest—!

Don’t panic for more than five seconds!

What do you take the Emperor’s patience for? Do you want to make this a bloody wedding?

In the midst of panic, the priest finally opened his mouth.

“W-Well then, the two of you exchange your rings!”

As soon as the silence fell, the priest opened the ring box and held it out.

I picked up the ring slowly with trembling hands.
At that moment, there was only one thought in my head was,

‘You can’t drop it.
Don’t drop it… I can’t guarantee that the moment it falls, my hair and body will be combined after five minutes as soon as you fall…’

I squeezed the ring as tight as I could with my thumb and index finger, and quickly put it into his hand.
At first, I thought it would be rough because he had mastered all kinds of weapons, but it was a beautiful hand with gracefully raised joints.

‘This is nothing.
This is fantasy.
Even if it says that it’s a hand holding a pen, I’ll probably believe it.’

My hand wavered as I put the ring on.

His Majesty the Emperor was still following along with this tedious ceremonial act.
Seeing him put the ring on my hand like a decent groom.

“Well, then…”

However, that doesn’t guarantee that this person will be as good as he is now in three minutes.
Because the current Emperor of the Actilus Empire could never stand boredom and had a simmering temper.

I shut my eyes, hoping that the wedding would be over soon.

“The kiss of the two oaths.”

Hearing those words, my eyes narrowed even tighter.

Ha, right.
For a wedding…that’s—there was such a procedure.
Obviously, there was such a procedure.
The groom walks and kisses the bride’s veil…

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Priest, but this is just an arranged marriage.
Is such a procedure really necessary?

…Are you saying I should kiss this scary guy?

Your Majesty, why don’t we skin this procedure in a unique way, just like you said the oath earlier…?

Even though I was standing still like a rock, my head was filled with all sorts of thoughts.
At that moment, the veil that was blocking my view was lifted.

‘Oh, my…’

He really wants to do it?

I closed my eyes quickly, tensed like a mouse in front of a snake.
But, even though I counted to three, five, and ten, his lips did not come close to me.

‘No way…’

After all, he wants to have a unique wedding without the kiss of the oath?

I opened my eyes very quietly.

At this, I paused abruptly, startled.

A man who could be called the incarnation of the sun was gazing at me.
In the novel, the word “beautiful” was emphasized once every ten pages, yet in reality, the ripple effect was different.

‘No, how the hell does it become like this?’

His brilliant curly, golden hair was dazzlingly trimmed to the perfect proportions of his neck.
While his bright red eyes added a hint of ominousness and unrealism to his face.

He smiled at

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