Being pressed down by this large dog, with its size and weight, along with the restrained posture, Heaffy Smith could not try to get up. The big dog now looked at Heaffy Smith, its drool continuously running down his face.

It really saw Heaffy Smith as its meal, and looked at him with lust.

At this moment, Heaffy Smiths mind was completely scared to the point of stupid thinking: ”Im finally going to see my parents again! ”

His heart was pounding, he was really scared. Unable to do anything else, he closed his eyes and waited for the judgment of the strange dog to be in front of him.

Just as he was about to bite Heaffy Smiths neck, a metallic sound suddenly rang out, and a warm liquid splashed onto his face. You don have to think you know what the liquid is. The moment he opened his eyes, the head of this strange dog had fallen on the floor right next to him, Heaffy Smith immediately sat up a few meters away from it, immediately gasping for breath because he remembered that he had never been there. breathless,

After he had calmed down before Heaffy Smiths eyes was a young man in his early twenties who was wiping the bloody knife from earlier and then sheathed it back.

”Are you Heaffy Smith? ” – asked the young teenager coldly looking at Heaffy Smiths cowardly appearance.

”Thats right, thank you for saving me, I wouldn know where I would have flown without you just now! ” – Heaffy Smith pushed the headless body of that anomalous canine creature to stand up and say.

Unable to bear the viscous dirt on his face at this time, Heaffy Smith immediately went to the sink to wash his face.

After Heaffy Smith washed and washed his face several times until his face was all red from being rubbed, then it was considered okay, after everything was done, he had a chance to pay attention to the young teenager sitting in the examination room. Check the dogs body on the floor.

Looking closely at the teenager in front of him, his face showed no expression, his eyes were cold and upright, his facial features were too beautiful and his military uniform clearly showed his tall stature. big, strong. Although he is not a short dwarf, when standing near him, Heaffy Smith is less than a head.

Heaffy Smith whispered in his mind: do modern-day soldiers need to recruit such tall and handsome men?

Seeing Heaffy Smith drop his gaze on his body, the young man stood up and said:

”Hurry up and pack up, we
e going to the nearby army barracks to fly to the Moon. ”

”Ah, so you are the person my auntie mentioned. But why do we have to go to Moon? ” – Heaffy Smith finally knew who this was, and asked confusedly.

”Stop asking redundant words, hurry up and pack up your belongings and vacuumed food, other junk you don need to bring. ” – replied the young man loudly.

”Can a handsome young man like this be able to say nice words? Why yell like that? ” – Heaffy Smith pouted in reply.

”Why do I have to go to Moon? Im not going anywhere, won I freeze to death if I go out now? ” – Heaffy Smith approached the window and looked out and continued to speak.

The back of Heaffy Smiths neck suddenly felt cold, he turned his head to see a black gun muzzle pointed at him.

”This place will soon be no good, you have no choice but to follow me to the Moon ” – the young teenager did not hesitate to point the gun at the back of Heaffy Smiths neck.

”If you have something to say, say it slowly, at least I should know whats going on? ” – Heaffy Smith raised his hands, but still did not give up his curiosity.

The young soldier dropped his gun hand, looked at the bloody corpse on the floor and said: ”If you don go, you will be killed by creatures like this! ”

”What is happening? How can a Poodle be as big as a Tibetan clam? You
e the aunties person I asked you to come here, you must know whats going on, right? ” – Heaffy Smith raised the questions he wanted to be answered.

After a series of questions Heaffy Smith posed, the teenager only replied coldly: ”Ancient mutant virus! ”

”Ancient mutant virus? ” – Heaffy Smith looked down at the corpse, ”You say this is a virus infection? ” – Heaffy Smith thought for a while and then asked: ”From Antarctica? ”

”Yes, they say the virus that follows the steam rising from Antarctica is now in the snow particles falling from the sky of this earth, but it does not enter the human body directly, it only enters the human body. to dead hosts. And the rate of evolution of living things today is very fast! ” – The young man nodded in response.

”Evolution? ” – Its also true, looking at the dogs size and strength just now, there are no words that can describe more accurately than the two words EVOLUTION.

The young man did not continue to pay attention to Heaffy Smith who was mumbling, and went straight to the refrigerator to get all kinds of food and put it in a bag.

Heaffy Smith saw this and quickly ran over to stop him.

”Young man, please don touch other peoples things like this. I won go anywhere! Now you can only die on the street! Im safer in my own home. ”

The back of Heaffy Smiths nape continued to receive a cold.

”From now on, if you say another redundant sentence, I will directly cut your tongue! Do you think youll be safe when your door is like that? ” – said the young soldier, pointing towards the door.

Heaffy Smiths face turned pale, who is this young man who just wants to point his gun at other people when he is not satisfied, can he live gently with others?

After he put down his gun, Heaffy Smith quietly watched the young soldier in front of him continue to take food from the refrigerator and put it in his backpack. Heaffy Smith does not want to have a hole in his head, after he dies, he will turn into a zombie. Its hard to see death.

Heaffy Smith took a breath and continued to talk to the young soldier:

”Hey, how old are you? Looks like a young man like that already in the army? Are people in the military as strict as you?

The young soldier did not care about Heaffy Smith, continued to search for food in the refrigerator, then looked around the house to see if there was anything to help keep warm.

”Why are you so cold? We
e going to go the same way to the Moon anyway, so its a bit dark to get to know each other, isn it? ”

”Why can Sun stay? Why do we have to go to the Moon? Is it still okay there? ”

Through many questions from Heaffy Smith, the young soldier also turned his attention from the refrigerator to Heaffy Smith, then took out a tape recorder from his pocket and tossed it over to him.

Heaffy Smith frantically grabbed the tape recorder. Press play, a familiar voice said:

”I believe looking at the current situation with your smart mind, you can definitely think for yourself whats going on, its not going well in Sun right now, follow the little comrade Jades Henry to the Moon to find out whats going on. Auntie, you must definitely try to get here, you are my only relative left. ”

Heaffy Smith listened to that recording over and over again, replaying in his mind was that the city he lived in since he was a child was about to go wrong, his aunt is a government researcher who certainly knows a lot. More than you, the little girl who said it was not okay was not okay.

Not to let Heaffy Smith continue to lose his mind, a young soldier named Jades Henry said:

”To go! ”

Seeing that Jades Henry was about to go out the door, Heaffy Smith quickly stopped and said:

”Hey, hey! Do you want to go? At least wait for me to prepare clothes and passbook! ” – Heaffy Smith is determined not to lose his sweat and tears for many years.

”What have you been doing since then? You have five minutes! ” – Jades Henry took out his watch and started to stop time.

Heaffy Smith quickly ran into the room, found two families of clothes, put them in the backpack, chose the warmest coat to wear, then put the passbook number under the backpack to rest assured. The money he had worked so hard to save for the past few years had to be taken with him, in case the world returned to normal in the future, he wouldn even become a penniless person.

Heaffy Smith looked around the room one last time, then dropped down on the warm bed he had been lying on for so many years. At this moment, his nose was a little bitter. Having lived here for many years, his love for this house is very much. He didn want to leave it at all. If things return to normal after this, he will definitely return to this place.

”Lets go! Im ready. ” – Heaffy Smith walked out of the room with the tip of his nose more than red.

Heaffy Smith carefully locked the door, still hoping this was just a nightmare. When you wake up, everything will be back to the way it was.

The two left the house together.

Sitting on the military vehicle, Heaffy Smith turned to ask:

”Are we going to Moon in this car? ”

”No, the military headquarters is in Wind City. Well ride there, then use the military plane to get to the Moon! ” – Jades Henry looked straight and replied.

”Wind City? My friend is there, I don know how he is. ” – Heaffy Smith immediately remembered that Paul Drawin said yesterday that he had a concert there, and prayed for his friend to be okay.

”You will know when you come! Now the people in this city have all gradually evacuated to Wind! ” – Jades Henry looked ahead and replied.

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