Extreme Flame Wizard

Chapter 4: The “Extreme” and the Wizard

Lucas: “Its not that big of a deal. It was getting good when the husband came back, and I was in such a hurry that I escaped to the bathroom.”

Igni: “…the bathroom…?”

Although Lucas walked all the way here from upstream, he did not have a single drop of water on him. It was because of the defensive field he had that encircled his body.

This defensive field was known to be only second to the [EARTH] Extremes defenses. There are even legends that say that it withstood the blast of the highest tiers dragons breath.

No one would believe me if I told them that he used it to keep sewage waste water from getting on him.

Lucas: “Well, so I was in the restroom when the husband said his stomach was not feeling well.” Igni: “…and then?”

Lucas: “Hmm. So if there was a window, I would have escaped through there, but there wasnt one. So I thought, the only way out is through the toilet. That was the brilliant epiphany me, the Extreme, had.”

Igni: “Yeah, that makes no sense.”

Lucas: “But the hole to the restroom is too small. A person could not fit through there. ”

Igni: “……..yeah, thats true…”

Why am I even listening to this story?

Lucas: “So I disintegrated my body into molecules, and flushed myself down to escape. Once I was in a bigger space, I returned my body to normal. See! It worked.”

Wait, what the heck are you even talking about.

And he even mentioned nonchalantly a spell that no ones ever heard of.

Lucas: “Its just more fun when you know theres a husband around.”

Igni: “….is that so….”

Lucas: “So Igni, why are you of all places doing here? ”

Lucas gave a piercing glance staring intently into Ignis eyes.

No matter how aged he is, his stare was intense as always. Igni choked on his words.

….He choked, but that was only momentary. Everything is now just a thing of the past.

Igni: “I got kicked out.”

Lucas: “Oh? You are the same as I am then.”

Lucas laughed merrily.

Igni: “…no, were not the same. I had… no talent.”

Igni could smile a bit watching his grandfather laugh. If he couldnt laugh about it, it hurt too much to speak about it.

Lucas: “The Compatibility Ritual?”

Igni: “…yeah.”

Lucas: “And the result?”

Igni: “[FIRE] : F”

At this moment, a complicated inscription forms in Lucas eyes.

Lucas: “….Oh. I see. This is interesting. Very interesting indeed…”

He seems to be satisfied with his analysis.

This is Grandpas most famous spells, [APPRAISAL].”

Lucas only uses this spell under 3 circumstances.

1. When he needs to see someone elses [STATUS]. With [APPRAISAL], you can analyze the [STATUS] of others.

2. When going against a strong enemy. If you know the enemies magical trait, you can use the magical trait strongest against it.

3. When checking out a womans chest, hip, and waist size.

Only under these 3 circumstances!

But not a lot of people know about the 3rd condition. This is something only Lucas and Igni has kept a secret between each other.

Igni: “…Grandpa. I… couldnt get strong.”

Igni laughed at himself as he spit out the words.

Lucas was the real deal. His [APPRAISAL] is far more sophisticated than the Churchs magic crystal, and is said to be able to see depths of a human potential. So he should be able to see that Igni, who is a [FIRE] user, can only use the [FIREBALL] spell.

But Lucas silently stared intently at Igni.

Lucas: “Oye, Igni”

Igni: “…Yeah?”

Lucas: “You still want to be popular with the ladies?”

Igni: “………….”

What is….

What is this person even talking about?

Igni: “Grandpa, were you even listening to me? I told you, I CANT GET STRONGER…!!”

Lucas-Style Secret to Popularity Rule Number 1

——Women love Strong Men

If thats true, then I have no chance at stepping into that realm.

I cannot imagine myself, incapable of getting stronger, standing in that ring.

Lucas: “Oye, Igni, Ill ask you once more. Do you want to be popular?”

Igni: “……….I…”

I do.

Up until the Compatibility Ritual, I vaguely thought about those things.

Lucas: “Igni, you want to be popular, right?”

Igni: “Grandpa, its not right. I already have a fiancé.”

Lucas: “A true man does not settle with just one.”

Igni: “W-wait, really?!”

The banter continued between himself and Lucas.

For the last year, not once did Igni think about what Lucas just said.

….Do you want to be popular?

I consider the question carefully.

I cannot see Rose ever again.

Im pretty sure the marriage arrangement has already been dissolved.

But whats the point of becoming popular in this state?

I cant use magic. I cant even get a job.

….A man like me could… never be popular.

Igni: “Grandpa, I… I cant be popular.”

Lucas: “Listen to me carefully!”


Grandpa only screamed and yet something thrust me against the wall.

Amazing. He just exerted raw magical force, and it blew me into the wall…!

Lucas: “Im asking you if you WANT to be popular. Im not asking if you are or are not presently!”

…such pressure.

Igni forgot to breathe and just stared back at his grandpa.

Lucas: “You decide your fate! Right now! Im this moment! Do you want to go back to your comfortable hell or do you choose to be molded in a storm of real fire and brimstone in an actual hell!”

Igni: “….I….”

Its like trying to wring out the words out of my body.

Why am I so nervous?

Lucas eyes lock hold of Ignis.

…..I cant breathe.

I… I only have the strength to say one more sentence.

Yes, this is the first time Igni saw his grandfather in his Extreme mode.

He isnt known as Humanitys strongest for nothing.

Lucas is also going to determine everything by Ignis next words.

It will determine the rest of Ignis life….!

Igni: “I……..want…..to be…. popular.”

Lucas: “Oh ho…”

Igni: “I want to be popular, grandpa!”

Lucas: “Well said! Thats my grandson!”

The nervous tension is released.

I take a deep, slow breath.

Without bothering about how bad the sewers smell, Igni continued to take a few slow breaths.

Igni: “But… but grandpa.”

Lucas: “What is it?”

Lucas reverted to his normal self and responded as he has always done to his grandson.

Igni: “Im… super weak.”

Lucas: “For now, yes”

Igni: “I… can really get stronger?”

Lucas: “Yes, no doubt about that.”

Igni: “….and popular?”

Lucas: “my dear Igni, maybe its time that I taught you the ultimate secret of becoming popular.”

Igni: “T-The… ULTIMATE…. SECRET?!?!

Lucas: “Yes, listen well and listen carefully.”

And without any hesitation, Lucas boldly exclaims the next words:



Lucas: “But they love even more MEN-WHO-ARE-TRYING-THEIR-HARDEST!!!!”

Igni: “……!!!!”

You could see the revelation strike Igni across his face.

W—-wait. So that means…

In that case……..

At that moment, Igni saw the .

He trembles uncontrollably at the newfound truth in his hands….

Igni: “I….I-I-I…. I can be… p-p-popular…..! “

Lucas: “Yes, Yes Igni! You most definitely can!! Now follow me!!!”

Igni: “Ill follow you to the ends of the earth!!”

Lucas: “Alright then! Lets stop wasting time and start training!!!”

Igni: “W-wait, grandpa!!”

Igni sticks out the waste filled bucket towards his grandfather.

Igni: “Lets get out of here first.”

Lucas: “Yes, lets.”

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