In another world, the transition between life and death, a lonely soul makes his journey. On the way he was captured by a shadow and has been transported to a quiet place, to another dimension.

Before his eyes, to his amazement, a vast expanse. What caught his attention were the thrones that formed a circle. They are all the same size, except for the one in the middle, which is twice as big as the other. A gigantic throne in the colors of the rainbow.

After seeing it from afar, he was stunned.Seized by a frightening fear, he is about to flee when he suddenly forgets to look where he puts his feet. He almost stumbles into the cliff. Finding himself on top of a very high mountain, higher than any of he had seen on earth. The most astonishing is that the size of the mountain is nothing compared to these thrones, even seen from afar, it is so gigantic… What kind of place is this?

Where am I exactly? I remember well that I was dead, so how come I still feel my heart beating? And this feeling of being watched, I feel like I am naked in the middle of many people.

After a few minutes, he decided to descend from the top of the mountain.

He walked up to one of them and touched it, his arm went through it, no matter how hard he tried to touch it, he failed again and again. He went through all of them, but without success. In the end he sat down, soaked in sweat. haah hah, what kind of witchcraft is this? I must be hallucinating, yes that must be it.

Ah, this must be it, this is just my test to enter heaven? Isn it? Haha, I have to pass it and be reincarnated to have a new life, hmm,… Lets see, if I remember well, on earth, Ive read many books and watched news on TV , but Ive never heard of a gigantic throne. While he is still thinking, a powerful voice echoes in his ear Welcome my Emperor. The sudden voice almost choke him on the place.

What? ” he jumps up from his seat and looks at the source of the voice from left to right, up and down, but he can find it.

Who is there? His voice trembling.

The same voice answers him in a calm tone: Don be afraid, I don want to hurt you, I just want to talk to you my Emperor.

Intrigued by this word, he answers ”Emperor, Me? is it a joke? It is you who brought me here, isn it? Get me out of here right now.

We are now in your consciousness and we are in your world. and the voice continued

I don have much time left because my consciousness will fade away completely, before that I give you this. As he said this. A colossal hand descended from the sky towards him.

I am sorry that your coronation took place like this my Emperor

After that, a ball of light sphere entered his head.

Thats all? What is this supposed to be? How come I don feel anything?

”When the right time come you will find out.

the voice replied him.

You must find the other, to rebuild our Di…. His sentence is interrupted in mid way and all the place crumbled and his vision ended.

Back to earth, in the hospital,

Christ-Yne opened his eyes looking around. No one was in the room. head is hurting I feel so weak. Ah!!.., where am I? ”

Suddenly, the door opened. You must not move, your body is still weak.

Do you know who brought me here to this hospital?.

Oh, you mean that girl who brought you here?

The doctor approached him and diagnosed him She didn tell me anything at all.

You don know what she looks like, I need to express my thanks for saving my life?.

All I know is that she wears a hood and like a priests clothes with a sign of the cross. You need to recuperate well and you can go out tomorrow morning.

After that the doctor left the room.

Doctor Wait

what is it?, hurry up I am busy.

How long have I been unconscious?

3 days and 3 night.

”What?, that long?

Christ-Yne lost in his thoughts. Because of his experience before he woke up.

this is just a bad dream, if so its time to wake up Chris. He slapped himself pah pah. Ouch… That hurts,. He checked the knife mark on his heart. And to his astonishment, there is no mark lef. Feel like real yet unreal. After a while, he calmed down. When he was about to sleep. A breeze opened the window. He went to close it and sat down to go back to sleep when suddenly a melodious voice came out of nowhere.

You were unconscious when I found you in the mountain ruins. No, tell me instead what you were doing in the vicinity, badly injured?

Seized by fear, Christ-Yne jumped out of bed. Who are you?

The mysterious person answered: I am the one asking the questions here.

She waved her hand and pointed it at Christ-Yne, then a force drew him in front of her making him motionless.

Ugh,… Why can I move, are you a witch?

Measure your speech. Irritated by what he just said, she made a sign with his index finger. Then Christ-Yne kneels down in front of her.

Grr… But what did I do to you to make you treat me like this? Struggling with all his might , he tries to get up but without success.

The mysterious girl smirk ”Its for your insolence to have the nerve to call me a witch. Do you really know who I am?

As if I care who you are

Christ-Yne roaring at her. ”Release me, gh.. .

Oh no, you must listen to me while kneeling before me it is for your punishment. Now tell me. One, who allowed you to cross the forbidden zone?

Two, while the thunder was rumbling, what were you doing in that place covered with blood everywhere?

Three, who are you?. Having no other choice Christ-Yne answered her.

I ventured there by coincidence when I chased a beast. It was because a wild beast attacked me and injured me badly after that I don remember anything. My identity, I am a normal schoolboy in 3rd grade, apprentice in division 7.

The mysterious girl looks at him with threatening eyes, I hope you
e not lying to me, or youll be expelled from school, heh.

May I know who you are?

Hm, you have no right to know who I am.

She then took out a small telescope-like device and scanned him with it.

The scan is completed after five seconds

Scan complete:

Title:Unknow (civil)

Name : Christ-Yne

Race : Human

Speciality: Locked


(Race 2:God)

Profession : none

Residence : Earth

Relationship : Single


Number of world conquered:0/0

Mana: 20/20 (Hidden :+100)




After she was satisfied with the result, she was ready to leave, but she turned to him to warn him. I believe you for now. But in the future, try not to break the law. Otherwise, you already know the consequences.

Don forget that I have you in my sights. Hm!.

After that, she disappeared.

Haah! The restriction is lifted as soon as she leaves. All this time, he didn notice his sweat soaking the ground.Ah, what a crazy world, why is everyone picking on me?, no one will answer me even if I say it out loud. I need to take a little break after all thats happened.

At the top of the hospital, the mysterious girl did not leave the immediately, but still thinking about the event that had taken place and pondering on the statuses of the boy named Christ-Yne on her device. There talking to herself: He is really strange, why do his statistics have so many unknowns? Normally, only high ranking people have their own title. I have to report it to my master. After she took one last look at the window, she took off.

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