Enchanted – Echoing Souls

The Trial Takt Of Master Samuel

”The realm can be controlled ”, She heard a strange voice. The crystal can talk? She thought

”How can it talk? ” The brown eyes could have popped out of her sockets as she heard the stone crystal talking. She was rooting for it so as to get a hold of my powers.

”I am the damn person whose body this is, ” Her yelling surrounded the hollow facet of her inside soul place. After getting none of a reply, she moved forward, ”This is mine, ” She shouted again.

”Dark matter prison! ” The same voice thrilled inside the hollow space again. Ellas senses became aware of the fact that something was reaching towards her. She started to look everywhere in defence.

”Whats happening? ” Her movements froze. The hands which were dared to fight back with Kellens takt running around her arms, wasn able to move an inch. The vanilla scented girl felt a force that stood as it covered her body, halting her moves.

”What..is..? ” She tried to yell as her face was being forced to stop. All of the signature steps were impelled to become a statue.

”You are inside a prison. ” She heard it right this time, coming straight from the crystal. Ella was curious from the moment she discovered a crystal inside her soul facet, and made her wanted to look closer into it. To see what lay inside it.

”You do know that you are talking to the dark powers of the realm? ” Again it questioned her. Her straight wavy hairs were the only things which moved freely while her whole figure was still.

”Mmmm mhmm ” She forced her tongue to strived through . A latching force was cutting every sense except her hearing.

The crystal may have thrown a little mercy at her. A sprinkling sound managed to enter her ears. Her lips were slightly turning to move.

”Aah, I Eeee, uuuu.. ” The sensible girl checked to see if it was real.

”Talk, It said. It seemed annoyed with his fuming sigh.

”No, You talk ” Ella implored loudly. ”This is my body and who do you think you are to say that to me? ” She curiously followed the glow of the crystal. Flashing beams at me, cannot cooperate, and now putting me in a prison. She thought in a disgruntled manner. This thing is way too feisty and she hated it guts.

”Dark powers cannot be controlled. So just go and don try to come here, tot ” It said. Ellas brown eyes narrowed with a slash of curiousness running inside her veins. She didn understand what it tried to say. But referring to her as a kid increased her blood boiling and anger.

”I am not a kid, ” Ella shouted.

Getting none of a response, she again yelled. ”Hey, shut up and go away! ” Her rage increased as the way this thing was trying to order around.

”Because of you, I couldn create a shell. I have to pass this so that I can enter the test and show my powers to everyone. Well actually If it were one person then its Kellen who I really want to show my powers. He is amazing. The way he carried me in his arms, helped me from not falling. His beautiful eyes watched me with care because of the torn top… Talking about his eyes, he does have the same eye colour as the book which I read today. Moreover, resembles the character from the book. His eyes, his looks, his personality all of this fits the description inside it. And theres someone named Ella which has the same name as mine. Well I couldn be more thrilled if in the book they are at least together. I can live with th… ”

”…Shut your mouth. ” Another raspy voice with a pleading shout bolted her ears.

She huffed a big breath in, closing my eyes. Ella cracked her knuckles into a fist, ”Hey, I will catch hold of this power because it is mine. ” and moved forward hastily. ”This locket was given to me by an exceptional person and I am not going to let it go like this ”

Ella said being determined. With another strike, she infused Kellens power in right hand moving forward at the crystal.

”You are not my Mom nor my Papa to tell me what to do or put restrictions on me! ” Ella roared out loud even scaring herself a little at the end.

”Don shout at me! ” It said with a higher toned voice.

”Don order me! ” She bounced back, yelling at it.

”Humans are so annoying, ” It said as a bright red flash of power glowed brighter in front of her engulfed by the crystal. The strong aura it built around it was powerful enough to blow everything away by just being in close contact with it.

”Oww The red takt while having summoned over the crystal harshly landed a strong blow at the coffee haired girl. She touched her elbow and rubbed on it briskly.

Even having Kellens power over her hand, this was something more and depth in power. Ella saw the dragon wings shaped aura building strong around the crystal. A mist of wave running inside the aura while thin slick veins adjoined together and connected at one point which was the crystal. Ella ran towards the other side to dodge it but it was the same on every angle amassing the huge size of this takt. Ella kept running around in circles while her mind went blank on what to do and not. ”What is this? ” She intoned, getting scared.

”What if I die? ” She said in the upcoming horror of visions. A big glow emerged out of it. The Red coloured takt was bright and powerful. The light caramel skinned could feel the powers surging out of the crystal pointing her. Perhaps, if I ran far away from it, then it won reach me. She thought. But the odds of it were what if it totally destroys her from the inside. The pace was incredibly fast and quick. Runaway was not an option and Ella couldn do anything as the strong wings had already caught hold of her arms in its clasp. The Red cloak of emerging power covered her hastily as she could only wait for it to destroy her soul completely. ”I haven even said anything to Kellen about my big crush on him. ” The cheeks flushed on her face as she mentioned his name in a sad tone.

”Goodbye, Kellen, ” Ella said as if her voice could reach Kellen through his takt. She closed her eyes knowing that it could happen anytime and clutched her hands into fist to take the pain in any form.

”We will meet in the Middle, ” She murmured slowly as it felt like nothing. ”No flashback of my life in front of me as I was on my dying stage. What happened to the truth-seeking reality about people dying and having a dream about how they lived their life. ” She yelled while accepting the harsh truth of life which was sudden death.

”You are such an unusual child. ” She heard a familiar voice but couldn believe that she was already dead. It was painless. She was too annoyed on the mere thing of her not having any amusing flashbacks of her life and ignored the cursed fate.

”Huuhh? ” Ella opened her eyes, adjusting to the normal reality. ”What happened? ” Her furrowed eyebrows and wavy eyes looked around and found herself at the same place where she was before. Nothing has changed except the fact that the red cloak power was still around her.

”What is this? ” She looked at the huge amount of takt coming through inside of this strange crystal which had just boosted up her inner Takts. Energy started to build up inside her.

”Can you see? It is so that you could stop talking nonsense here, ” The Crystal casually said.

”You are really dense and cold, ” She said glaring at him and kept suspecting where the voice was coming from.

” Is that a problem? ” It threatened the brown eyed girl. She grinned at the thought that this powerful crystal was feeling uneasy at her presence.

”You don like humans and still you are somehow helping one, ” She said, smirking. The rims of her downturned lips formed a thin stretched line of smile exaggerating the sarcasm behind it.

”Don try to play sneaky with me ” The crystal yelled and this time it didn bothered the vanilla scented girl at all this time.

”You know what, those thoughts are gonna change soon, ” Ella turned around swiftly with her Dragon cloak wing shaped takt covered her from the outside.

”Just a fantasy ” It scoffed at what she was implying.

”You just changed it when you gave me some of your power on your own, ” She slightly looked back at the crystal with her face.

”Its nothing like that ” It yelled with a worried tone.

”Ohhh, I get it, ” Ella watched in awe at the huge dragon cloak formed around her body. Starting from the top of her head the colour of this power was just like from one of the clusters. The garnet red takt was shaped like the wings of a dragon. Ella was already glad that it didn kill her or something like that. It looked like a huge storage of power as it covered the coffee haired girl in its treasure. Slowly the dragon cloak dissolved into her figure as if infusing her from inside.

Returning back to her own self, she slowly opened her eyes. A frowned Kellen with his brows pulled much hastily was looking at her stretched up oval face.

”Ohhh finally, ” He said, taking his hand away from her palm.

”I was scared that you got stuck inside while searching for your true source ” He rasped as he moved his wrist in circular motion.

”Oh I am sorry I took so long to come back, ” She noticed him slightly struggling with his right hand.

”Does it hurt? ” She asked as his hand grabbed onto his wrist was caressing on it slowly. ”You were really strong, bruising my hand with your own, with just a normal hold of your powers. ” A small hue of red painted around her cheeks again making her embarrass and a little guilty for hurting only him out of the blue. She was feeling raged towards this shitty takt holder inside of her which could have caused more pain to her if she had planned on staying inside that hollow hell more.

”I am really sorry for that. It must be hurting you a lot, ” She slowly added with a worried expression.

”Nah its nothing, I was just checking if my power has stopped or if it needs time to recover, ” He said, tracing his hand on his wrist.

”Ohhh it must have cost you using a whole lot of your takt with your own energy. ” She said with an apologetic face. Her eyes gleaned at causing him trouble for such a small thing.

”Honestly its nothing, but you… ” He stopped and admired the look of her worried face. He somewhere felt a strong urge to pull her tinted cheeks just so she could stop worrying about small things. He continued, ”…you are really powerful Ella, I sensed your powers through mine and it was enormous, ” He said, embarrassing her again.

”No, its just, .. ” The brown eyed girl was speechless. Kellens big smile with his eyes gleaming bright was just the encouragement that uprooted Ellas thoughts and her denial of using her red takt. After Kellens short praise she was planning to use this red takt once before she has a final talk with this crystal and throw it away out of her soul.

”Don … I… I am truly sorry for this ” While Kellens praises made her competent decision to stutter for a change, she couldn bring herself to find the right word to respond to him. Curse you Eleanor She badmouthed herself using her full name.

”How many times are you going to apologize to me? ” He asked me with a frantic look. His face is so pure and full of warmth.

No no, stop thinking so much about him.

I slapped myself mentally!`

”I..uhh… I was… ” Ellas attention went to his wrist which he was caressing with his left hand. Her expressions softened. It was because he helped her and now because of that damn crystals power, it caused him pain and the bruise on his right hand.

”So you were duelling your powers with mine? ” She tried to strike up a normal conversation with him and watched closely on his right hand.

”Yeah we can totally work together for the duo test! ” He claimed excitedly. The vanilla scented beauty smiled back.

”Let me see, ” Ella said and slightly moved her hands. He happily nodded.

She looked for any marks or internal bruises from her own takt. The jacket bearer ran his left hand on the back of his head ruffling his hairs. A small tint of hue appeared on her face by knowing that he got a little nervous about it.

”It isn anything serious, ” His tone was sly.

”Alright, just let me see, ” She examined his hand. There was a red bruise on his wrist and on the back of his palm. It was internal, maybe a direct shot caused blood clotting at the same place.

”Putting some ice might help, alright? ” Her soft tone which could sound like an order was too sweet to even categorized it under gentle orders. Yet the hazel-green pair nodded back with a sheepish smile.

”So disappointing! No one here is able to create this shell. ” Mr Samuel yelled at all of the students. Everyones attention suddenly powered at him. He looked unsatisfied whilst his tone was raw. He was merely pleased by the learners presence.

”None of you is taking this seriously, ” He said, glancing a pitiful and disgusting look at the learners.

”If you can get this shell done, don dare to do the Takts further of elite level. ” He notably implied.

”Whats a Takt? ” Isla asked slightly lifting her strawberry blonde to her back.

”Its a higher level of learning and controlling your abilities. ” The Jacket bearer strolled towards the group and passed a glare at Aubrey who was throwing needless through her sharp gaze at him.

”Abilities? ” Ella asked in mere confusion.

”Yeah the one with you were born and the ones which have been passed on to you through genes. ” Jareth said stiffing his hands inside his pocket. He saw the piercing glare from Aubreys oceanic blue eyes. He shook his head and continued looking at Mr Samuel.

”So what is Urja? ”

”Urja is the ability to use the aura and powers around you, like the force of life running through trees and the way plants breathe and animals live; all that ability is Urja. But we can use that ability to manipulate the nature around us and use it for our benefit. ” The jacket bearer was almost wording the texts out of a book he had read in the Library.

”So doesn it imbalances the surroundings? And why use Urja if we have our own abilities? ” Ella arched her brows and questioned him in an unfaithful manner. Kellen smiled at her immediate smartness. Thats what has made her unique He thought.

”It doesn , just think of it like the life cycle, the way living things die and get decomposed in the soil but after sometime a new life is formed and it goes on. ” This time everyone was able to understand the way he was explaining things to them like how a parent would explain it to their toddler. But a huge frown was formed on Ellas forehead. It seems she wasn satisfied with his explanation Kellen noticed her unsatisfied face and smiled gently.

”Alright let me simple it down for you. ” He accustomed his hands on the ground while his body bent down. The group watched curiously. ”Now notice closely. ” His palms were resting on the ground. He touched the tip of his index fingers and his thumb.

”Prithvi Urja! ” His summoning voice was deeper as he stood up just after his statement. A small shake under their feet imbalanced the group standing. The lightly held onto their self while keeping their balance.

”What are you doing, idiot? Aubrey almost felt like she could fall after the ground was shaking. It was then when she noticed the tough walls around them.

”Where the hell are we? ” Ella looked around while she heard the long exhasperated shout from Aubrey and couldn help but twitch her lips.

”Calm down, Aubrey. ” She said softly. Aubrey stomped her feet and then started to look around. Ella touched the dusty walls and examined the long walls covering them in circle.

”Is it that we just elevated down to the ground? or the land was pulled up in shape of walls? ” She said as she tapped her hand on the wall, some dirt fallen out like sprinkles and she turned around to notice the hazel-green eyed guys reaction. He shook his head and followed a soft gaze at her.

”None of them, ” He said as he pressed his hand over to the soft and moist soil again.

”Reverse Prithvi Urja ” While doing the same hand gesture like before, a long vibration shake them. Isla almost grabbed on to Ellas hand but kept her body balanced to herself. She was too occupied about why Kellen chose to show them Urja within the session.

With a shaking vibration the group was thrown at the same place where Kellen used his Urja. Nothing seems to change around them, the learners were still trying to use their powers to build the shell and Mr Samuels look was still disappointed.

”With Urja you can travel in the time space. ” Kellen said with a cheeky smile. Everyone had their mouth formed in amused O expression while Ella gasped at the new knowledge. Learning about time space, brought her thoughts right back to the mysterious book which she was reading last night till morning. She wondered if the guy on his deathbed used some kind of Urja unconsciously and hence was teleported into the time-space where he was born. To Ella, this whole theory was too confusing to even consider but her doubts were ready to research more on it. She became too curious to know all of it.

”So you made us time travel? Ella implored with wavy eyebrows. Kellen showered a small curvy smile and nodded.

”You will understand this when you learn more and use Urja on your own, because like our Takts, Urja variated with our way of using it. ” Kellen said after loosening his wrists normally like his other hand and she nodded

”Easy on the hand, ” Ella gently warned him

”What happened to his hand now? ” Aubrey moved her disinterested eyes at Kellen and then a curious look at me.

”He was helping me with my powe….

”….How much farther have you reached towards your goal, Ella? ” Her heartbeat started running as his question escalated a whole lot of attention on the brown eyed girl. Their little gossip caught his attention as he directly looked at her.

She closed her eyes to calm down. Her breath became heavier while she found the right words to answer.

”Yeah, How much? ” He asked again, His tone slashed a sarcastic tone. Long escalated hands softly brushing on her left hand. She turned her gaze at the right owner. Another wave of rush went through her body and escalated her heartbeats wilder at his mere touch. He slowly travelled his gaze at her and planted a short smile with his hazel-green pair blinking for assurance. He gently moved his fingers over her palms and tapped on to them slowly. Suddenly she was feeling her heartbeats tearing down. Ella couldve blasted herself up from inside with his sudden touch but rather his warmth on her hand and his hold over her eyes offered her stability.

”Are you going to answer? ” Mr Samuel raised his voice a little. She propelled a gaze at Kellen and then focused on her Guru.

”I…uhh. I wasn able to find my true source, so Kellen and I… ” The moment she mentioned his name he passed his soft gaze on her and exchanged a look at each other. ”We… Actually, he tried duelling our powers and it worked. Thanks to him I was able to find my true source and now I can generate my takt too. ” She smiled widely at him and then at Mr Samuel. On the contrary, the cape wrapped man seems to be a good listener at this part.

Isla gawked her eyes at the duo with a mischievous smile running down her lips. She smiled till her cheeks were touching the crease of her eyes while she naughtily glanced at Ella. ”Wow, you guys are totally perfect for Duo Test and you make quite the good couple for it. ” She winked at her friend but found Aubrey glaring at both of them with disgust over her face.

”I meant for the duo. ” She shook her head and looked away. Ella felt the heat over her cheeks driving her fast towards embarrassing her till she felt Kellens deep thrilling gaze at her. His eyes were trying to read her expression. Isla making the joke of them being a couple couldn be more than a casual joke for others but for Kellen he was more careful about how Ella took this joke.He inspected her tinted face and saw her beaming a smile at him. His face softened after seeing her carefree smile and then his lips turned up where his teeth flashed cheekily at his group. She isn uncomfortable with the teasing He thought.

”Wow, thats amazing. They heard some students whispering among them as they do kinda find it surprising. Kellens face became shy with the praise and the students talks. It looked like he was blushing while he did his nervous act again. But instead his mere blush was sue to Ellas carefree smile which had no idea how painted over his face.

Mr Samuel was occasionally not much relieved by Ellas answers before but today his eyes stated a feeling of an impressive touch. It made me in some way pleased. She again pondered her attention at Kellen who was all eyes and ears to the definite praises he got. He was still shy from the sudden praises but Ella felt good standing beside with him and getting some praises for the first time. Even though some of them envied her state, the vanilla scented beauty couldn bring herself to hate them as they too wanted to feel such attention for themselves.

Maybe praises are good because it gives you a bit of encouragement to move forward and keep going on like that.

The crystal scoffed after hearing the praises.

”To go into the dark realm and have control of its power, one must say true things.

Words won have the power to source unless their actions matched with their words.

If their actions with their words are true, then the doors of the dark realm will be unlocked. After the dark realm has let the successor inside, one must answer the questions from the realm of their facets

And as I stayed inside your true facet I can see that your hidden truth needs to be unmasked. ”

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