Chapter 1 Part-Time Student

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Year 2318, Spirit Origin Era, Marsh City’s Qiling High School. 

Qiling High School was one of the most famous high schools in Marsh City, filled with many cultivation prodigies.
Xiang Ning, who had just turned sixteen, had officially enrolled in the school today, but he wasn’t a prodigy.
Instead, he was there as a part-time student.
Xiang Ning was an orphan, and the orphanage head had taken a liking to him.
He had been raised under the Federation’s public education system and should have been sent to one of the schools meant for orphans, but three orphans could be sent to one of the prestigious schools every year.
Xiang Ning was fortunate enough to be one of them. 

He picked up his old communicator and read the message on it once again, still confused.
He understood that this place was full of cultivation prodigies and it would be difficult to catch up to them—but that didn’t mean he had no future. 

With the advancement of technology, humankind had started venturing into space exploration.
As long as he could get into a military school or become a technician after graduating from a regular university, his fate could still be changed. 

He followed the crowd out of the teaching area.
He stuck out like a sore thumb because the rest of the students had parents with them and mostly wore luxurious clothes.
However, he didn’t pay them any mind because he knew admiration would be useless.
Very soon, he arrived at Class 8 of the upper secondary first-year classes.[1] At the beginning of the school year, students would randomly be allocated to the classes, other than the first and second classes.

Xiang Ning stood before the door of his classroom and found his seat on the list.
He hadn’t been there long when a mocking voice sounded, “Hey hey hey, you’re in my way.
Just sweep the floor and move along now.” 

Xiang Ning was being mistaken for the janitor.
His eyes narrowed, but he ignored the voice.
If they had been more polite, Xiang Ning would have immediately moved out of the way.
After a quick look, he found his seat and left for it. 

The other person was stunned for a moment, then seemed infuriated. 

“Hahaha, Zhang Cheng! He’s a student here, who’d you think he was?” Loud laughter rang out in the classroom. 

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Zhang Cheng’s face darkened.
“None of your fucking business! He looks so dragged, how would I have known he was a student? I can’t believe the school takes in people like that!”

“Hmm, let me think.
I remember the school takes in part-time students every year to help sweep the floors.
He must be one of them.” 

Zhang Cheng curled his lips in disgust, then deviously remarked, “And I thought he was some rich man’s son out here trying to experience life as a peasant.” He didn’t try hiding his remark, either, so the entire class heard him.
Many people had gathered around to watch and they looked at Xiang Ning. 

Some had no reaction, but while others didn’t say a word, neither did they hide the mocking look on their faces.

Xiang Ning sat at the last table in the fifth group of tables.
There were thirty students in a class, divided into five groups of six students.
He blankly looked outside the window.
He would be lying if he said he didn’t feel a thing, but despite his frustration, he must endure it for a better future!

Very soon, the bell rang. 

The classroom door opened and a graceful silhouette entered.
It was a devilish lady with a drop-dead gorgeous body roughly 1.7 meters tall, complete with voluptuous breasts and sexy curves.
Almost every male student in the class couldn’t help but stare, their eyes greedily traveling up and down her figure. 

“Good morning everyone, I’m your class teacher, Su Muhan.
I look forward to working with you all over the next three years.” Her voice was as gentle as a spring breeze. 

“Good morning, Miss Su!” the students politely replied in unison.

“Mm, we have a total of thirty students in this class, let’s begin with a self-introduction.” She stood at the rostrum, her eyes scanning the classroom. 

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“Alright, let’s start with you.” Su Muhan pointed in the corner.
Everyone turned to look. 

Xiang Ning paused for a second and wondered, Is she pointing at me? He looked around and

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