Negative Point

The Good Old Days

Ryoshi: ”This time its four against one, you don stand a chance!!! ”

John: ”Toi and I are going to hide in a bush or something… ”

Ryoshi: ”Whos Toi? ”

John: ”The kid ”

Ryoshi: ”Oh…so you two are gonna hide while we deal with this creep ”

John: ”I can do anything effective in a fight against whoever the heck that is ”

Baldassare: ”Im a vampire ”

John: ”Yup! Im only effective against weak little humans, lets go, Toi ”

Toi: ”K ”

Ryoshi: ”But Toi could do something! he can shoot a lot of magic in under a second ”

John: ”Ok, Toi do you want to help? ”

Toi: ”No ”

John: ”Ok lets go to our bush ”

Ryoshi: ”EH? ”

Baldassare: ”Mirror magic: magnificent beam ”

A giant mirror appeared and shot a giant beam. Ryoshi and Kuroshi jumped out of the way and dodged the attack

Ryoshi: ”Ice magic: Ice sword! ”

Kuroshi summoned her weapon. Ryoshi leaped over to Baldassare and attacked him with his sword, Baldassare stood there and took the hits, he then kicked Ryoshi in the pelvis and regenerated back to normal

Baldassare: ”Mirror magic: magnificent beam barrage ”

20 giant mirrors appeared and shot 20 separate beams at Ryoshi. Kuroshi shoved Ryoshi out of the way and…

Kuroshi: ”Defensive magic: Reversal shield ”

Kuroshi created a shield made out of magic and reflected the beam at Baldassare

Baldassare: ”How foolish are you? you
e reflecting a beam of light at a mirror magic user! and now you
e going to get it right back at you with two times the power it originally had ”

Baldassare used one of the mirrors that he used to shoot the beam and used it to reflect the beam but Kuroshi kept the shield up and reflected the beam at him, Baldassare kept the mirror up as well and reflected it again. The beam bounced back and forward between Kuroshi and Baldassare until the beam became nearly unseeable to the naked eye.

Ryoshi: *~What do I do? oh, right this leaves him wide open! I could just cut him right open and make him lose his guard and drop the mirror then hed get him by his own laser and probably get destroyed~*

Ryoshi: ”Ice magic: Ice tip ”

Ryoshi leaped forward and sliced Baldassare cleanly in half, but the mirror didn even move a bit and Baldassare reformed quickly

Ryoshi: Shit

Baldassare: ”Ohoho! did you really think that hurting me would really make me drop my mirror? even if that somehow did manage to kill me this mirror would have stayed there until it got destroyed ”

Ryoshi: ”Uhm… Ice magic: Insta freeze ”

Ryoshi tapped Baldassare with his sword and froze him. Kuroshi pushed the beam away into the forest using the magical shield

Ryoshi: ”That should give us enough time to…RUN THERES NOOOO GOD DAMN WAY WERE GONNA BEAT HIM ”

Kuroshi: ”Your right, we need the help of at least a Purotekuta ”

But before they could start running, they heard the sound of shattered ice

Ryoshi: ”Shit, we
e too late- ”


Baldassare quickly ran in front of them and stopped them

Baldassare: ”Not so fast, Im really hungry right now! and considering that humans are nothing but my prey, I must not let you two escape. Mirror magic: Mirror dome ”

Baldassare created a huge dome of small mirrors that covered a huge margin of the area

Ryoshi: ”Now we
e really screwed… ”

Baldassare: ”Indeed, mirror magic: Chaos shot ”

All of the small mirrors shot tiny beams at Ryoshi and Kuroshi

Ryoshi: ”Ice magic: Ice spikes! ”

Ryoshi created ice spikes that continuously counter the lasers

Ryoshi: ”I can keep this up for long, my mana is running up…Kuroshi some lasers are coming at you ”

Kuroshi created a force field to protect herself

Kuroshi: My force field is getting weak

John: ”Aw those poor kids, I feel so bad for being a coward ”

Toi: ”Help them ”

John: ”But Im too weak and id totally would get destroyed by one of those lasers ”

Toi: ”Try ”

John: ”Your right, I do need to try! and maybe in return they could bring me back to Negative point ”

John and jumped out of the bush.

Baldassare: ”Its you, what do you want? ”

John: ”I want to kill you ”

Baldassare: ”Ohoho OHAHAHA AHAHAHAHA, do you really think that you out of everyone here could kill me? ”

John: ”Yes! because I am John madison, the spring season! ”

John ran towards Baldassare

John: ”70 in 1 ”

Ryoshi: 70 in 1? that sounds awfully similar to something Ive heard before, but who said it?


Sairu: ”70 in 1 ”


Ryoshi: *~Ah thats right, that one guy…I don think I ever got his name but when we were following him around I remember someone saying his name was Sairu, if we get out of this alive, I have some questions to ask Fuyu about~*

John: ”Combination magic: Danmaku danmaku ”

John sent a barrage of punches at Baldassare that moved faster than most of the laser, John punched multiple holes into Baldassare

Baldassare: ”Fool- ”

John: ”Toi, do it NOW! ”

Toi slammed both of his gauntlets together and the gauntlets fused and created a cannon, Toi then shot a gigantic blue beam out of it and got a direct hit on Baldassare


Baldassares entire body was disintegrated into nothingness. Nothing but Baldassares finger was left

John: ”Did we…do it? ”

Ryoshi: ”I think so…can you guys help us out NOW!?! we can defend ourselves for any much longer ”

John: ”Ok- ”

Baldassare reformed from his finger and punted John back into the bush

Baldassare: ”You almost killed me there, but you should have destroyed my finger when you had the chance to ”

John: ”Well… you shouldn be able to use any more of your mirror magic because your Geji should be destroyed ”

Baldassare: ”Ohoho, vampire Gejis are different from human Gejis, we can heal our Gejis theres no such thing as a permanently damaged vampire Geji ”

John: ”Shoot, I knew that I should have listened to the others when they were talking about Geijs ”

Baldassare: ”And you little boy, I can allow you to live any longer, I won kill you right now but Ill deal with you later ”

A beam from one of the mirrors shot Toi in the back and knocked him out cold

John: ”TOI!!! ”

Kuroshi: ”Im out of mana ”

Ryoshi: ”Im about to run out of mana ”

Kuroshi summoned her weapon and started to shoot at the lasers to defend herself, but that wasn enough and she got bombarded by lasers

Ryoshi: *~Shit now Im out of mana, what do I do now?~*

Ryoshis sword turned red

Ryoshi: *~Am I really doing this again? blood ice magic here we go!~*

Ryoshi created a red wave of blood ice and destroyed the top of the dome

Ryoshi: ”Im coming after you now! ”

Ryoshi lunged towards Baldassare and unleashed a barrage of slashes and sliced him up into little pieces, he then froze all of those pieces in blood ice and ended his combo off with another wave of blood ice

Kuroshi: *~Blood ice magic? how is he-~*

Baldassare reformed

Baldassare: ”Impressive, but its my turn now ”

Baldassare fused all of the tiny mirrors and created one big giant mirror

Ryoshi: ”Woah ”

Baldassare: ”Ohoho, this is the first time that Ive tried this on anybody before, behold the great mirror! ”

Ryoshi: ”Don tell me that it shoots a- ”

the great mirror shot a giant and seemingly unavoidable beam

Ryoshi: ”Goddammit ”

Suddenly out of nowhere a blue beam of equal size overpowered the mirrors beam, the beam managed to destroy the mirror and once again disintegrating Baldassares body completely, nothing but a tiny spec of hair was left

Baldassare: ”SHAAAAAAAAAA ”

Ryoshi: ”Huh? ”

John: ”Toi! ”

Toi: ”No more…mana ”

Toi fainted

John: ”Toi! ”

Ryoshi: ”Yeesh, hes actually dead now ”

Baldassare reformed from the hair

Baldassare: ”No Im not ”


Baldassare: ”Its called being a vampire ”

Ryoshi: ”Oh so you don know either ”

Baldassare: ”…Mirror magic: Forbidden gate ”

A giant transparent mirror was summoned

Baldassare: ”DEATH ”

A transparent chain grabbed Ryoshi, Kuroshi, and John and pulled them into the mirror with Baldassare following behind them. The mirror then disappeared

Ryoshi: ”Where are we? ”

Baldassare: ”Welcome to the spirit world ”

Ryoshi: ”Spirit…world? ”

Baldassare: ”Yeah and I came here to eat your souls ”

A ghastly version of Ryoshi and Kuroshi stand behind Baldassare

Ryoshi: ”Whos that? and why do they look like me? ”

Baldassare: ”Thats your soul, the spirit world, or as I like to say, the mirror world is where all the souls of the dead are, the spirit realm sits between hell and heaven, humans who haven sinned go to heaven and ones who sinned go to hell! but if youve done a lot of sins but at the same time if you did one really good thing you become a ghost and you can freely roam the earth and spirit realm as you please. The spirit realm is split up into three parts the mainland, the revival zone, and the land of reflections. The mainland is full of ghosts and souls freely roaming, the revival zone is where souls over the age of a hundred get reincarnated, and the land of reflections is where we are now ”

Ryoshi: ”Whats so special about this place? ”

Baldassare: ”Your reflection is your soul, me being a vampire means that I have no soul so I have no reflection BUT I can touch souls ”

Ryoshi: ”Don you dare! Ice magic: Ice swor- GAAAH ” Im running out of blood, one more Ice sword or ice tip should kill me! dammit Ive been in many life-threatening situations before but this one is different…maybe because Im scared

Baldassare: ”Don even try it, while we
e in this world we
e nothing but reflections so you can even hurt me ”

Ryoshi: ”Baldassare you… bastard ”

Baldassare: ”Ohoho, save your breath, allow me to eat your souls in peace ”

Ryoshi: ”But you can touch them ”

Baldassare: ”Well you can but I can, vampires have the ability to touch the dead ”

Ryoshi: Dammit dammit DAMMIT DAAAAMMIT, Im so screwed right now

Baldassare: ”Its snack tiiime ”

A shadow appeared over Baldassare

Baldassare: ”Whos that? ”

It was Denshin(with a green scarf)

John: ”Didn you have a white scarf ”

Denshin: ”Yes but no, this scarfs color is based on my emotions, it only turns white when Im dead or when its processing my emotion ”

Baldassare: ”Wh-what are you doing here? ”

Denshin: ”Got bored… more bored than you…I guess you can see whats going on here I want to destroy your soul ”

Baldassare: ”I have no soul ”

Denshin: ”Now you do ”

A ghastly version of Baldassare appeared out of nowhere

Baldassare: ”HOW!?! ”

Denshin: ”Ive recovered one of the five demon abilities, the ability to turn anybody back into their original state, this ability ranges from detransforming people to turning them back into their human state, Baldassare you weren originally a vampire your just a human ”

Baldassare didn know how to respond, he was too scared to even speak

Denshin: ”Nothing? ok Ill just destroy your soul then ”

Baldassare ”NO PLEASE!!! ”

Denshin summoned a sword and cut in half Baldassares soul

Baldassare: ”NOOOOO!!! ”

Denshin: ”Ok fine Ill do you one better ”

Denshin grabbed the two separated parts of Baldassares soul and put them back together with ease

Baldassare: ”What? ”

Denshin: ”Ill eat your soul ”

Baldassare was once again lost of words. Denshin took off his helmet and revealed his human-like skin, white hair, and red eyes to everyone before grabbing Baldassares soul and stuffing it down his throat

Denshin: ”Ah that was good, ” he said before putting his helmet back on

John: ”How more can I thank you? you saved our lives ”

Denshin: ”To be completely honest I owed you big time, and even though I technically think that you would have been fine, its always nice to help ”

John: ”Hm? what do you mean by that? ”

Denshin: ”I doubt that Baldassare would have found your soul, to begin with, your vessel might be a sock monkey but your soul is different ”

John: ”Where is my soul? ”

Denshin: ”Don ask me ”

John: ”Aren you supposed to be the strongest demon? ”

Denshin: ”Yeah, don have the sharpest eye though! I need to get you guys out of here though ”

Denshin took out his sword and cut a portal into existence

Denshin: ”Hurry hurry ”

Ryoshi: ”Ok!!! ”

They left the spirit world and returned to the normal world

Ryoshi: ”Im tired, I want to take a nap…maybe its because I lost a lot of blood ”

Denshin: ”Ill take you guys back home if youd like ”

Ryoshi: ”Thatll be great thanks:

Denshin: ”Don mention it, but I have to tell you guys something, watch out for vampires, they are now aware of their missing Conrad, Im working with some people to try to kill the rest of them, remember to always keep your guard up ”

Ryoshi and Kuroshi: ”Yessir ”

Denshin: ”Ok, Im going to take you guys back home now, John do you wanna come with us? ”

John: ”Uh yeah! ”

Denshin: ”Ah so that two more people I have to carry ”

John: ”Two more? oh right Toi, I hope hes okay ”

Denshin: ”Ill make sure that hes ok ”

Meanwhile at a mysterious location

A mysterious man sits on a throne in a dark room

???: ”Sir, Baldassare is dead ”

Mysterious man: ”Ok? he was nothing but dead weight, hes not even a native vampire, even a weak human like you could kill him ”

???: ”But sir regardless of power, he was one of our more important members, and losing him just makes us weaker ”

Mysterious man: ”Weaker by a small percentage, I couldn care less about what he brought to the table ”

???: ”Ok sir ”

Mysterious man: ”Now, out of my face ”

???: ”Yes sir ”

He walked out of the room and entered a room filled with many people

??? 2: ”What did our god say about Baldassare? ”

???: ”He said that Baldassares death shall be avenged and we should fight for his justice ”

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