Qiao Anxia used to live happily with her parents. At that time, Anxia was only four and did not understand what death or murder was.

Her household wasn a well-known family, but they had enough fortune to survive. Her father was an employee in a huge company, and her fathers position was relatively high as a head manager of the accounting division.

Anxias needs and wants were well met, and she never once felt deprived until that disastrous day.

Her father was dishonorably discharged on charges of embezzlement and attempted murder of his superiors. Her father was in prison, making her mother and she were ostracized and humiliated by their neighbors.

Her playmates, the family living in her residential area, turned their backs on her and her mother. Even though they had a hard time, Anxia persisted, thanks to her mother.

Don listen to them. You simply need to close your ears and eyes to what everyone around us is doing. Well be fine if we don fight back.

That was what her mother had told her, so Anxia had never once resisted or denied the accusations. Gradually, everyone became indifferent to him, and the charges and insults were gone, making little Anxia feel relieved.

But her relief was quickly replaced with terror when she saw her mother wailing and throwing anything in the house. The plates, glasses, photos, and even chairs were slammed into pieces by the mother.

Anxia became frightened and hid behind the wall watching her mothers frenzy state.

At that time, she still knew nothing and hoped everything she saw was just a bad dream.

The next day Anxia found out that her father would never come home. She didn know what the word death was, but she did know one thing… the father she loved the most had gone to heaven. She found out when many of her fathers family came wearing all black, carrying white flowers and placing them in front of his fathers picture.

Her parents had invited her to the funeral place and saw many people wearing all black. When she asked what was going on, her mother said that the person in the photo had gone to heaven and would not return to this world.

Only then did Anxia cry silently. Her tears dripped non-stop, but no sobbing was heard. Now she knows her father has left her for good. Then what about her mother?

For several days she had not seen her mothers face. Since the incident when her mother went crazy in the house, Anxia was taken away by her mothers friend and stayed at the womans residence.

There she befriended a girl a few months older and was none other than Michele Wong.

Their relationship was good enough until she heard that it was Micheles parents who had put her father in prison and secretly killed him. At that time, Anxia did not understand what it meant by stealth killing was, and she only understood when the person demonstrated it right in front of her eyes.

An adult guy ordered his men to bring another man who was tied up and gagged. Then the man pulled the gag and forced him to eat something from his hand.

Not long after, the poor man who was tied up went into a spasm and foamed at the mouth before finally falling on his back lifeless.

”That is stealth killing. ” the merciless man explained the killing method to little Anxia. ”And this… ” he continued to demonstrate his ability by slitting the throat of one of his subordinates unexpectedly.

Little Anxia covered her mouth with her hands, preventing her from screaming while her eyes filled with tears when she saw so much blood gushing from the mans neck and fell hard, indicating that the man was no longer alive.

”It is an open kill, ” continued the man, wiping his knife with a handkerchief with a flat expression as if he didn kill two people at once in front of a little girl. ”The Wongs killed your father, and your mother was put in a mental hospital by them. ”

”N…No. ” Little Anxia covered her ears, refusing to hear any words from the cruel man.

”Your father must be disappointed to see his little daughter just silently letting Wong torture you. Don you want to get revenge? I can help you. ” the man walked closer to Anxia while Anxia froze in her standing position. The man knelt on one leg to level his gaze with little Anxia. ”This dagger will be yours if you cooperate with me. I will help you save your mother and avenge your fathers death. What do you think, little one? ”

Since then, Anxia endured that persons harsh and cruel training and was used to minor and fatal injuries. She was also required to learn various languages ​​to be sent abroad on missions.

Ten years ago, Anxia heard that her master had succeeded in getting rid of Mr. and Mrs. Wong, leaving only twelve-year-old Michele Wong.

Her master also seized all assets, shares, and property owned by the Wong family and sold them at a meager price. Meanwhile, Michele was left abandoned and held hostage by her master. They planned to make the girl a call lady once she reached adulthood.

However, the girl was lucky because she met Raymond Calvin when Michele managed to escape from them. Since then, Michele has been under the young mans wing, and he took her away to Europe.

Qiao Anxia didn have a mission to Europe, so she couldn catch up to the girl. Even though Michele has nothing to do with her fathers murder case, Anxia still hates the girl. She would do anything to make her life miserable, just like Micheles parents ruined hers.

She should have grown up with her parents instead of being an assassin like this. Therefore, she planned a trap to ensnare Raymond to ruin Michelles happy life as soon as she found out Raymond was coming to Hong Kong.

But, who would have thought? Her trap backfired on her, and now she had to face the most perverted man in the world.

And now that man was shamelessly promoting himself as her future husband???

Wait! Wouldn it be a good idea?

Wouldn that mean she would own the Calvin family fortune if she were to marry Richard? She could also meet with Michele regularly to ruin her married life! After this was all over, she would kill Richard and take all of this mans wealth as revenge for taking her virginity!

Moreover, she could even break free from the clutches of her master and live as a free woman!

What a perfect plan!

Anxia decided to follow the mans game. She stopped struggling and rested her head on Richards shoulder in a manner that a pervert man like Richard couldn resist.

e willing to marry? Okay. When and where? ”

Richard was astonished to hear that quick change of mind, yet he was too blind to see her wicked scheme.

They made an appointment at the civil office to register their marriage the next day. With the help of Richards acquaintances, they could officially become husband and wife even though their identity cards were not Hong Kong residents.

Unfortunately, no matter how long Richard waited, the girl never showed up. Qiao Anxia didn come and seemed to have changed her mind. Or could it be that yesterday the girl was acting?

If so, then Richard should give a thumbs up. He couldn see the girls charade at all.

Richard looked up at the sky that seemed so far away. He was disappointed, but he wasn angry. Richard had no intention of going after the girl either. If the girl wanted to consider him a one-night stand, why would he waste energy trying to force her?

”Sir, what do you want to do? ”

”Go back home. I want to meet my siblings. ”

His secretary arranged a plane for him, and he left for Singapore following his two younger siblings.

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