…… There was a time When I thought such.
The beta test resulted in modifications in various places of【Frontiers】, but I didn’t think that the library would be modified as well.

The【Zabrina Royal Library】which lend books free of charge during the beta test began to charge an admission fee.
Moreover, the fee is something that my initial funds can’t handle.
Furthermore, a sad reality of needing a new skill hit me.

Since there were a lot of modifications, only a big part was listed in the official HP or the management policy of 【Frontiers】.
They basically meant for the players to discover the other changes themselves.
Anyhow, we are in a setting where we are the pioneers, after all.

Because it can’t be helped, let’s move to the next place.
In fact, I planned to kill time in the library until the players finish their first hunting, but there’s no helping it.
I decided to move up my schedule and stroll around the town.

Strolling around the town for a producer player like me is important.
I can’t purchase materials until I sell what I have made, after all.
Maa, I could get them myself, but it would be difficult with my skill set.

There are several methods of selling items.
Selling items to the NPC trader are the first one.
However, it does not mean that every trader will buy from you.
Because NPCs live in this【Frontiers】as well, the thing called demand exists.
Furthermore, they won’t buy all of it.
Every NPC will purchase only what it needs, they will even try to take advantage of you or beat down the prices.
Of course, it seems that there are many cases where price negotiation is necessary from the beginning because the opponent also has to live a life.

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The second method is to sell to the pioneers.
Players are given, but NPCs are called pioneers as well.
Those who prepare equipment, fight, and gather materials are called like that.
Moreover, the current situation is full of new players, so the demand is rising rapidly.
It appears that there was a situation in the beta test where the equipment sold by NPCs temporarily disappeared from the stores.
Because NPC traders have limited inventories, it will naturally turn out like that when the players buy equipment all at once.
That’s where the turn of the player producers should be, but the superior NPCs will cope with the situation in a blink of an eye, and spoil the player producers’ start as a result, causing the numbers decrease until completely exterminated.

But, there’s was a measure against that in the official HP so it should be all right this time.
Maa, it still won’t change the superiority of the NPCs, so I’m slightly afraid, though.

Naturally, I pick the second method.
Rather, the prices will drop low because of my low skill Lv so I can’t choose the first method.
The skill『Trading』will be useful there.
It’s a convenient skill that automatically collects market price information on the surroundings according to skill Lv and records it in the item’s details column.
I should rarely run in troubles with pricing.
Furthermore, once『Trading』Lv raises to 15,『Trading Arts/Lv 15/Open Street Stall』will become available.
Using it will allow me to open my own stall in an area of my choosing.
Naturally, it’s a street stall as the name suggests, so it’s very easy as spreading a cloth on the ground.

【Frontiers】supports a system that allows putting price tags just like real stores.
But, a method of using selling item list is fundamentally used as it prevents system-like shoplifting and theft.
Because you can use the selling list in the same way when opening a street stall, people can run business quite easily.
It doesn’t really matter to me, but one should utilize convenient things.

That being the case, I walk around the town gathering the market prices in order to raise my『Trading』Lv first.
I know that this is the most efficient way of raising『Trading』Lv early on from the beta test information.
Maa, I’m mainly strolling around the NPC stores.
The more items there are, the more market information I gather.

What I understand from seeing the various stores is, that there are almost no items left in the beginner shops which sell weapons and armor.
The out of stock phenomenon which happened during the beta test has immediately appeared.
All that’s left is equipment with prices that doesn’t seem to be possible to obtain without considerable effort.
How much the NPC producers have been modified will decide the course of the player side producers.
Maa, I will take it easy and enjoy myself no matter how it turns out.



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My『Trading』increased already to Lv10 after walking for about ten minutes.
I started at Lv5 thanks to the【Training school】’s tutorial, but even still, it’s quite fast.
Looking at the『Smithing』that raised to Lv8 after two hours of smithing, I can clearly tell how fast it levels.

However, the growth becomes remarkably worse after Lv10.
It appears that this is the limit of leveling only by collecting data.
You apparently can hit Lv15 by slowly going through every nook and cranny of the stores, but there’s an easier way to level, so I will try that.

Maa, it’s just simply shopping, to be frank.
It’s just it will make my wallet extremely lonely, so to balance it out I will purchase only what I truly need.

What I need is…… that’s, of course, cloth and thread!
Because this is a Middle Ages Europe-like world, there naturally aren’t things like synthetic fibers.
There’s no choice, but to give up on it.
But, there are many wondrous substitute materials in this fantasy world of【Frontiers】.

For example, this one!

Slime cloth

Although it makes you hesitate because of the name, it’s actually a smooth, elastic, pure white cloth.
Would the polyester be the nearest thing with the most similar feeling?

I bought various necessary things and make『Trading』became Lv14 just like that.
But, my wallet is already quite lonely, so I endure, endure.

There’s an open cafe near the cloth shop, so I decided to take a short break.
I ordered milk tea and started leisurely and sewing with the cloth and things I bought a while ago.
I could borrow a magic sewing machine in the【Rental production facility】, but I can sew even without it.
Sewing while relaxing with delicious milk tea makes me feel quite luxurious.

I love sewing and stitching little by little like this.
Warm sunlight and sweet mil tea.
Because people are still concentrating on the hunting grounds, the visible pedestrian traffic from the open cafe is not that much, so it’s quiet with an exquisite, not too loud BGM playing.

Yeah…… it’s a very luxurious time.

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