r>This shared space is enough for the beginning, so I don’t have a problem.
I’d like to rent a private room once money accumulates.

Completing the two hours course, I immediately start『Smithing』.
I set the temperature by pouring magic into the『Magic kiln』and stand in front of the anvil.
I take retrieve materials from the『Item box』.
I set the recipe I got as a reward from the『Smithing』tutorial, I take all of the『Copper ore』and throw it all into the『Magic kiln』.

Because the stress in the game is reduced, I don’t feel hot at all when I approach the『Magic kiln』, it’s very comfortable.
But, the『Copper ore』I threw into the kiln rapidly melts, and the impurities emerge.
These impurities are removed with『Smithing Arts/Lv1/Extraction』.
Because I just began and my level is low, I’m not able to remove all the impurities with『Smithing』yet.
Therefore, I patiently and carefully continue the『Extraction』.

Skills have special techniques which consume magical power called『Arts』, if you use these well, you can speed up the process by several steps.
You need to make an effective use of what you can use.
Besides, working patiently and carefully will greatly contribute to the related skills.

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Raising the skill’s level to make various things is the real pleasure.
I’m not in a hurry, so I preserve slowly and patiently.

Because I have removed enough of the impurities, I finish the『Completion processing』just like during the『Magic formation』tutorial and the『Copper ingot』is complete.
It can’t be helped that it took more than an hour to carefully finish removing the impurities from 6『Copper ore』and completing 6『Copper ingot』.

When the skill’s level goes up, the time to complete will also shorten, so I’m working diligently.

Copper ingot

Still, thanks to being careful and patient, the rank of my『Copper ingot』are higher than that sold at【Rental production facility】.
It’s said that even low-level rank will rise faster if you do it patiently and carefully.
I’m glad I got this information from beta testers, but it’s not that surprising.

All finished『Copper ingot』except one are put into the『Item box』, and the real challenge starts now.

I insert the『Copper ingot』into the『Magic kiln』, and strongly imagine the finished product while using『Smithing Arts/Lv1/Molding』and swinging the hammer with all my might.
Watching the bright red『Copper ingot』gradually transforming according to my image is frankly fascinating.
Simply swinging the hammer is enough, so it’s easy.
It’s a work process that is likely to bring a lot of complaints from master craftsmen, but isn’t that fine since it’s game?
I heard that you could use the same process as in reality if you don’t use the『Arts』, but I honestly am not interested.

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I strike and strike, until it’s according to my image and finish with the『Completion processing』.

Copper Bucket Helm
Head/Heavy/★3/DEF+7/Durability 40

I was so pleased by the completion of equipment that would become my trademark I almost cheered three times unconsciously.

A slit for securing visibility is placed in the cylindrical form, and the mouth part can be slid to open and close.
It has unrefined appearances with not much of workmanship, precisely a『Bucket helm』.
It finished according to my image.
I can’t bear it because it’s possible to do this with just one『Copper ingot』.

「Saa, let’s wear it~」

I enthusiastically gaze at the『Copper Bucket Helm』for a while.

Once again, my【Frontiers】starts from here.
My name inside the game is【Bucket-san】.
My planned trademark partner, the『Bucket helm』has been completed!

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