The moon is in the middle of the sky.

Great Qi Kingdom, Yinjing City, Spring Breeze mansion.

There was a small, isolated courtyard behind the building, and a man in the courtyard stared blankly at his reflection in the water basin.

Before this moment, He Xiao had thought he was a simple looking man, but when he saw the face reflected in the water, he admitted that he had broken his defenses.

Who is this?

Is this me?

White skin with a healthy flush, features as exquisite as a powder carving, a high nose and thin lips need not be mentioned, and most of all, a pair of peach blossom eyes, which are really a pair of invisible hooks that tickle the heart.

If a young girls dream lover had a face, it would look like this.

It was simply too perfect.

Without waiting for, He Xiao to sort out his thoughts, a message bar appeared in front of him.

Name: He Yunxiao

Relationship: In person

Speciality: Handsome

Favorability: 100


He Yunxiao!

This name suddenly popped up in He Xiaos mind.

At the same time, Countless memories came flooding into his mind.

He Yunxiao, the male villain in the hit novel “Girl, I Just Want to Cultivate”. This book was a relatively rare high martial arts title, serialized to over 200,000 words so far, hitting the shelves just a day after, and storming to number one on the monthly ticket list in three days.

For this kind of brainless white text, the old bookworm He Xiao originally refused.

After all, the plot setting is old-fashioned and brainless, with no logic to speak of.

But this book has many female protagonists, and the character descriptions are a masterpiece. Although the author claims and assures that it is a single female lead, readers including He Xiao, had their doubts.

The body is quite good, not shabby.

The villain, He Yunxiao, is a martial arts expert with an arrogant personality. A drunkard and a womanizer. A villain who bullies men and women, and is hated by decent people despite his good looks.

He was a good-looking man who, with his handsome face, plotted against the heros sister, and, as you can imagine, was hacked to death before he could get his hands on her.

He Xiao remembered the episode where He Yunxiao was hacked to death particularly well, because he had paid a point.

It was the twenty-first chapter of the book, where He Yunxiao was so arrogant that not only did he make light remarks, but he also made a move on Chu Xiaoxiao. Chu Fan, who was new to the capital at the time, first kept his face intact, and then deliberately faced He Yunxiao in a martial arts competition event.

Faced with the highly skilled martial artist He Yunxiao, Chu Fan took up his sword and beheaded the villains dog in anger in front of the crowd. Not only did he protect his sister, but he also brushed off a wave of positive impression from Miss Du, the flower girl at Spring Breeze Mansion.

Its really cool, but I never thought that I would be the one to find myself in the book!

Ive become a villain!

Hearing the sound of laughing and drinking from the tall building behind him, He Xiao, who had inherited He Yunxiaos memories, knew that he was at the Spring Wind Tower!

In a short while, he would be killed by the protagonists sword!

He Xiao, no, He Yunxiao had already accepted reality.

He quickly took a few deep breaths to regain his composure.

No matter what, I must survive!

I now have

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