Reality. How often this word is used yet few understand its true meaning. Mans intent to explore existence is unknowing to his fears. It often leads to places of no return. Aria, a girl who recently came of age sat on the sandy floors, her eyes on looking without a moment to blink at what couldve easily been the most sensitive yet terrifying moment of her life.

Tenebrae, a place she called home was about six miles from where she was currently located. A great city with walls that reached hundred meters high and is without a doubt the toughest wall Man has ever built in his entire years of coming to intelligence. Within the walls, peace strived, Joy flourished and you could tell by merely looking that although there was little to no equity inside these walls, everyone was content if not happy with their current situation. Heavens Lake, a lake situated at the center of the city stretched out for fifty kilometers, wide enough to sustain the entire population within the walls. It was built for a reason you see, the walls I mean. Not too long ago, a large group of what seemed to be the worst type of an extinction scenerio arrived at humanitys doorstep. No one knew if they came from space or from deep beneath the earth. All we knew and was certain of was the fact that the didn want peace. The had a certain hatred to all life on Earth, especially humans. Estimated studies show that the believed as humans stood on top of Earths ecosystem, the lacked the qualifications needed to be an apex predator. With little time space from when the became known by humans to when the walls were built, The had already wiped out almost all human populations. The little left went into hiding and others built strong fortresses, of Which Tenebrae was one of them. With time, most of the fortresses built around the world where destroyed just by sheer raw power exhibited by these insane creatures. They were later known to be called Halos. Tanabrae was tasked with one job. To avoid Human Extinction. A task easier said than done in this situation. Heavens Lake was going dry faster than they anticipated and they were left with few options. One of which was to send out an investigation crew to find water bodies close by and gather information about the outside world. With a proper selection and thorough training of the chosen ones, the first batch of Ayonders were ready, amongst which was Aria. She was a prodigy that seemingly surpassed the human limits set by the teams that conducted the training. It was a dynamic breakthrough in the part of humanity. With a promising team and cutting edge weapons of war, they set out with mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety. The entirety of Tanabrae came to the Gates to Celebrate Mans first venture outside the wall. Anticipation of the unknown filled the air, as well as the scent of rotten meat. With a little parade and a remarkable send off, The Ayonders began their journey. Unknowing of what the future holds. Aria led the group with an outstanding blue and gold patched motorcycle, well suited for the groups finest cyclist. They wondered for two days outside the walls looking for water bodies, marking their location whilst also keeping an eye out for the Halos. On the third day of their exploration, they found water. Before they did, Aria asked one of the Ayonders to accompany her to the oasis whilst others watch from a distance. An oasis twice the size of Heavens Lake.

”X marks the spot haha! ” Susan, one of the Ayonders exclaimed. She was the same age as Aria, but fell behind in terms of feats shown during training.

”Now now Susan we should at least check if its salt water We do not wish to give false hopes do we?. ”Aria suggested.

”No problem Allow me the pleasure of taking a sip from the new Heavens Lake. Hehe ”.

After a while of drinking from the lake and with the expression on her face, Susan realized the water was pure and had little to no reason for filther. It was tasteless.

”We did it Aria!. Our first venture was a success. Only one in a million could achieve such feat on their first journey. No wonder we are made up of a carefully selected group. ”

”How lucky we are. Quickly. Lets meet up with the others to tell them the what we found. We camp here for the night. ” Aria ordered.

”Okey dokey chief. ”

Later that night, Aria woke up tensed. It seems nature called a little bit too early. She left the squad for a rather enclosed area to take a dump. As she stooped for a sometime, she noticed footsteps approach from behind. slowly but surely becoming louder With each step and when she turned to see what it was, no one was there. She immediately stood up, cleaned herself and decided to go back only for the footsteps to continue its venture towards her, this followed the sound of crickets and other night crawlers. Out of fear, she

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