Chapter 1.
Little Goldfish

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TN before you start reading: Note that there are a lot of internet slangs and play of words in this novel! I try to translate it the best that I can, so I hope you enjoy this comedic romantic novel! This is only a short and sweet novel with 50 chapters.

Translator sumay

There was a meme on the internet that was very accurate.
There were only two types of personalities in the world, one which was “What does this have to do with you?”, and another was “What does this have to do with me?”

Shu Shu thought that there was also a third type of personality.
For example, when you saw a hundred dollars in the square, the first type person would pick it up and slip it into his pocket regardless of the passersby around him.
The second type of person would also pick it up and pass it to the police.

As for the last type – where most people were – they would turn a blind eye and walk away.
They didn’t need to care about their heart or conscience; they just let their morality restrain their greed.
They simply walked past to avoid problems.

Shu Shu belonged to this third type.

Hence, she would only bend down to pick it up if the money belonged to her in the first place!


The story began at this occasion when she was going to “pick it up”.

“Slow down!”

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“Jas, rzlypl rypp blal.”

“Zlp, rzlypl xshl kv yoyu.”

“Gb, cl nyalqwz okvb vbyv! Llhlaxkde, R’zz nyaau kv xuplzq.”

Fbw Fbw nyaakle vbl pxyzz csm nyalqwzzu zkjl y cycu.
Qasokdt wr kd yd sarbydytl, kv nsdvykdle vbl zkvvzl ralpldvp tkhld vs bla ewakdt vbspl ulyap.
Fsxl olal bla nblakpble valypwalp.

Ubldt Pwyduk sdnl xsnjle bla ycswv bso xwnb pbl valypwale vbspl sze yde casjld kvlxp, dsv lhld yzzsokdt ydusdl vs vswnb kv.

Tl jdlo dsvbkdt! Ohlau pkdtzl kvlx nsdvykdle pxyzz pdkrrlvp sq bla xlxsau, vbl zkvvzl zshl pbl’e qlzv.

Fbw Fbw blyhle y pktb yp pbl qszzsole vbl xshkdt nsxrydu vs bla dlo bsxl.

Ekvb bla zsdt byka qzsokdt cynjoyaep xyvnble okvb obkvl, alqkdle qlyvwalp, y zsv sq rlsrzl vwadle vs tkhl bla y plnsde zssj.
Fbl eked’v nyal, pbl fwpv oydvle vs xshl swv.

The car was stopped at the entrance by a few guards at the gate.
The workers of the moving company had to register their names and let them confiscate their identity cards before being permitted to enter.

“Miss, what is this place? It’s so restricted.”


As long as no one gave her shit, she could be pretty friendly.

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“A gated community, and the land is private property.
It is famous for high-performing bodyguards and a good environment.
Fewer people means less noise.” It was a perfect fit for a person like her who only wanted to stay at home.

The house had an expensive rental fee, but it was good that they wouldn’t let outsiders in.
There were five floors in one building, each floor had one apartment, and each building was quite far apart from each other.

It was perfect for people who wanted privacy.
They could even pick their neighbor when they moved in, like how she knew a painter lived in 248, an elderly couple lived in 247, while 246 was bought for investment purpose, so it was empty at the moment.
They allowed this disclosure because the neighbors needed to know who each other was.
As the apartments were only connected by stairs, the upstairs and downstairs tenants would frequently come into contact.

As for the apartment upstairs 251, it was not rented out yet when she deposited her money.

Yes, you did not see it incorrectly.
Her apartment number was 249, while the apartment number upstairs was 251.

Only these two apartments were available when she wanted to rent.

The landowner was something else.
He divided the neighbourhood into two sections with two separate exits, namely Section 1 and Section 2.
Section 1 started with the number 1, while section 2 started with the number 2.
The two sections were numbered separately, and she was in number 49.

She asked if they had apartment number 250, but they told her that they didn’t have it.
Even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to rent it out. 

[Important TN: Calling someone 250 (二百五) meant that that person is stupid, incredulous, shameless and increditable.]

Indeed, there was no reason to rent an apartment number 250 if they were capable enough to rent a place here.

“Won’t you lose your way easily?” A worker of the moving company, Kang Jing, blinked in curiosity.
He didn’t think it was a good arrangement.
It would be easier to separate it by buildings.


“No, there are signs around.
I think it’s pretty good and creative.
There are around twenty buildings, and each building houses five apartments.
I don’t care how he numbers it – perhaps the landowner likes peculiarity.”

Kang Jing nodded.
The landowner sounded peculiar to him too.
The facilities in the neighbourhood were built differently as well, showing off its distinctive characteristic.

Shu Shu smiled at him when her phone rang.
It was an unknown number, but she took the call.

“Hello, who is this?”

“Shu Shu… you moved away?”

Shu Shu’s face darkened.
Cheng Duanyi.

“None of your business!”

“Shu Shu, you are not like this in the past?”

“Then what should I be like?”

“Shu Shu, don’t be so cruel to me.
There’s really nothing between me and Liu Xuyan.”

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“Huh, yeah, there’s nothing between you.
You’ve only slept together.”

She hung up the phone and blacklisted the number.


Shu Shu looked fierce but she had a fragile heart.
She could not forgive betrayals.

After the workers walked away, Shu Shu let out a deep sigh.
Don’t be hot-tempered.
Don’t get angry.

She slowly headed towards her floor.
When she reached, she saw two groups of people standing at th

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