Chapter 1

The Spear Master and The Black Cat

First episode ~ Supernatural Phenomenon

「Eh? Here is…」

A pure white space?

Just in front of me is a luxurious white desk and black chair .

There is no guitar type controller which was just in my hands a moment ago .

However, That doesnt matter .

I was sucked into a tear .

While I was enjoying my game, Suddenly, A tear appeared before my eyes .

A cross-shaped tear, Which tore through the apartment .

In the tear, I had been sucked into a spiral of darkness, It seemed like a vortex .

Thereupon when I realized, I had found myself in this white space .

「A dream?」

I pinch my cheek… Ouch, Its painful, This is not a dream?

I try shouting .

「Oi! Anybody there?」

Nobody reacts to my voice .

Also looking left and right, There is only spread out white space, Only my voice echoes in vain .

Am I the only one here?! That would be too scary!

For the time being, I should investigate the desk and chair that are just in front of me .

The desk is a thick square with the pattern of a chess board .

A miniature sculpture of a man and woman stood in every corner .

The miniatures have a fine appearance, its elaborate like recent figures .

They presented a man with a penis and a woman with a bulging chest .

The square desk, Including the sculpture that resides on it is cold, Like marble .

Next I examined the chair, Which had an armrest that was attached with black stones .

The backrest on the chair had countless sculpted faces .

The face sculpture of an eerie expressionless person .

It could probably be a realistic sculpture in Tokyos Museum of Contemporary Art .

The expressionless faces began to change one by one, I was scared .

The sudden change of expressions is a horror film-like development you want to stop!

The eerie black stone chair, Which the top and bottom were made in the shape of an elegant crown, It was gothic style . Which was attractive .

The design of the black chair itself wasnt bad .

I try touching the expressionless face sculpture .

It feels slick but hard, Is the stone surface like steel?

Parts of the skin also have subtle irregularities .

The smooth texture of the eyebrows has also been reproduced .

It has the feel of a statue of Buddha, Since its eyes are closed .

Now, I move my line of sight to the square desk .

I casually look under the desk .


「Under the desk…」

There were trekking boot like shoes stained with blood .


Although it has a little blood on it, If you were barefoot would you wear them? I tie up the laces and wear the shoes .

The size is a little small, But I can wear them .

I check the feel of the shoe while tapping the front toes .

The ground that hit the tips of my toes felt like hard tile .


The white floors surface is sturdily built .

Nevertheless such a thing doesnt matter .

I sharply raise my line of sight .

「It doesnt appear to be reality, Is this a dream or near-death experience?」

Such an unpleasant thing shouldnt be…

I felt pain from the pinch, If this was a dream I would have woken up already .

Time for a reality check, Should I try to hold my breath?

I inhale with a snort .

I collect the air in my lungs and stop breathing .

Phew… I exhale little by little .

…That was about a minute? Phew that was painful .

*Puhaaaa*, *Gegogo*

Its difficult living here .

In this white space is there oxygen and nitrogen in the air?

In a typical novel development God should appear here…

There is no reaction however, Just a simple desk and chair .

How the hell is this a different world summoning, Is this just a plain kidnapping?

Then who? Is the existence that can do such a thing God? An advanced intelligent life form? An Intelligent life form that likes to play tricks?

From the 7 . 3 billion humans on earth… By an advanced intelligent life form… Or was I just chosen casually?

Perhaps now, Im in a spaceship? Is my bodys dissection done?

Was it detestable, Or too unpleasant?

However, Even nursing myself with delusions is no help…

Trivial thoughts swirl around in my head .

So I take a look around the white space slowly .

Should I try taking a walk?

After walking for a while I look back .

Right in front theres the desk and chair… I havent advanced .

Though I walked in the opposite direction, I havent advanced at all .

I expected this to some extent, What meaning does this chair have? Do I have to sit?

Accordingly, I sit down on the luxurious armchair made of blackstones .

At that instant, A little space above the desk flashed .

Oh, There was actually a reaction .

The white space flashed in an instant and the color changes .

It repeatedly pulses White, Black, Blue And grey then starting over again .

The space stopped pulsing suddenly And the eyes of the faces sculpted on the chair which I was sitting on all open their eyes simultaneously .

~Eek! Countless goggling eyes stared at me .

My spine froze, I was paralyzed in fear .

Furthermore, A change occurred in the space that was pulsing a moment ago .

The space right now split and is leaking a thin green light .

The light which leaked out became stronger and expanded the spacial tear to the left, Right, Upper And lower parts .

Before long, The green light that leaked out changed into unknown characters .

Unknown characters overflow out of it like a waterfall .

「Whats this all of a sudden?」

Moreover, Its projected in 3D .

「AR technology? Or is it 3D?」

Finally a Japanese character appeared .

『Do you want to reincarnate into a different world?』

The three-dimensional character floated .

「Japanese… Do you want to reincarnate into a different world? So suddenly?!」

The three-dimensional character floated from above the desk downwards .

Touch to choose 『Yes』 or 『No』 .

After choosing 『Yes』 the world you will reincarnate into, Is different from the world you have spent time in .

The world is in a different universe, Different dimension and Far off galaxy, Physical laws are slightly different .

The “Gods” and “The Multidimensional Worlds” have an influence on that world .

Including the local life other than you, There are Metastasis People, “Reincarnated” people exist but they are “Variants” that wander .

The language is of an unknown system, However when you reincarnate into a human form, The mind and body are reconstructed according to the different world, So rest assured .

However, Language And characters of different races will be unknown to you .

This is not a projector, These floating characters truly exist .

「This three-dimensional character…」 I stretch out a finger and touch a floating character .

I feel nothing, My finger slips through the character, Its strange .

However selecting yes, Reincarnating to a different world, Different space, Different dimension .

That means it confirms the Multidimensional Cosmological theory?

M theory from the Super String theorys 11 dimensions, Or is it different?

The inflation theory in which space endlessly spreads out is possible, There is also a high possibility of the existence of the bubble universe .

The universe similar to Champagne bubbles? Or something like that . After all Tegmarks taxonomy is also possibility .

Thinking philosophically, There is also the Fictious Existence theory .

Well, Theres no helping it even if use my wide variety of trivia and modern science…

To begin with I was drawn to phenomena such as black holes that tear through physical space, Since I was drawn into this white space .

Since a gravity wave was able to be observed for the first time, A phenomena like this might be solved someday .

However, When referring to the floating character, Thick square desk And eerie chair, rather than a dream, Its a phenomena happening in reality .

While strongly biting my lip, I taste some pain and with a small amount of understanding say “Lets do it” .

Still, The body reconstruction… If I choose yes, What will happen to my body?

This isnt the kind of “I think therefore I am” story .

It indicated that my memory will be maintained, However I still feel a little uneasy .

Oh, Is my present state the same as being dead?

If thats the case, My choices are narrow…

If no is chosen just what will happen?

Only the 『Yes』 choice is explained, When 『No』 is chosen, Do I return to my original

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