“I-I watered the garden… I watered it every day, but the flowers are dead again….”

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Ariel said what she did wrong in a gloomy voice.
Somehow, she made it sound unfair to her.

Maybe it was because she didn’t know why the flowers died after she over-watered them.

“The flowers in the garden are being watered by the gardener regularly on an adjusted timing.
If you keep watering them, of course, the flowers will wither.”

“Is that so…? I didn’t know….”

Elysia smiled at Ariel, who dropped her head, saying she didn’t know.
Then, in a short stride, she approached Ariel.

Elysia, sitting with Ariel on the bed, stroked her head and said.

“You should be careful next time.
You learned new knowledge today.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

Elysia kissed Ariel’s forehead briefly.

It was quite a mistake, but Elysia had a significant influence on Ariel’s mistake.

It was because she was doting on Ariel so much.

“That’s fine since you have reflected on yourself.

As she comforted Ariel, Elysia sneakily checked the clock on the wall.

Lunch was long past.

“Did you eat?”

“Not yet!”

Ariel shook her head full of expectations to Elysia, who asked if she had eaten.

Since it was Elysia, she was sure that her big sister would ask her to eat together.

However, Ariel’s prediction was beautifully missed.

“I told you not to skip meals.
Call Roa and eat first.”

“Huh? What about you?”

“I… I have something to do.”

According to Rachel, Elysia’s maid, this morning, the Duke of Valtine arrived at dawn.

If what she said was true, it must be today.

The day Duke Valtine brought Eden, the male protagonist.

“I see…”

Knowing that Elysia was always busy with her succession class, Ariel didn’t hold onto her sister.

Elysia kissed Ariel’s forehead shortly to show how she was as disappointed as her little sister was.


Looking at Ariel, who was disappointed, Elysia regained her composure and got out of bed.

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Then she left Ariel’s room and walked through the bright hallway.

Around this time, the male protagonist was caught by the Duke of Valtine in the novel.

The year Ariel turned nine, the season when the leaves on the branches began to fall.

‘If my prediction were right, he would have brought Eden around this time.’

Eden who lost his memory.

To be exact, the Duke of Valtine commissioned the wizard tower to erase his memory.

Elysia looked over the window in the hallway.

As Ariel said, the flowers that should have bloomed in autumn drooped and withered because she overwatered them.
Elysia watched as the leaves fell between the withered flowers.

Elysia, who moistened her dry lips with her tongue due to the dry air, hurried her steps.


* * *


Elysia, who saw her death at the hand of Eden, the male protagonist in the future, had fallen into deep despair once.

That was why she treated Ariel nicer to change the future.

At first, it was only a simple effort out of courtesy.

Elysia, who was not originally the owner of this body, did not think of Ariel as her own blood-related sister.

Then, it was her and Ariel’s biological mother who made Elysia have a change of heart in an instant.
Isabella, their mother, had to suffer from a chronic illness after giving birth to Elysia.

Since Ariel was born from such a weak body, it was natural for Isabella to pass away early.

Despite her shortness of breath, Isabella held Elysia’s hand tightly and forced herself to continue talking.

-I’m sorry I have to leave you two, but I’m glad you’re not alone.

Isabella, who cared and loved her daughters more than anyone else, worried about her children until she died.

-Ariel, listen to your big sister well…

She was worried about how her young children would have to endure a lot without her on their side.

Mother is not strong enough, so I can’t hold….
it anymore.
Mother is… sorry.

Isabella closed her eyes after saying that.

It was all thanks to Isabella that Elysia maintained her least sanity after entering another person’s body.

Without knowing that her real daughter had disappeared, Isabella devoted herself to Elysia.
Each time, Elysia felt deeply guilty for Isabella, even though she knew it wasn’t her fault.

That was why Elysia couldn’t pretend not to hear her last wish.
At the same time, she couldn’t help but shower affection on Ariel, the daughter of a woman who loved Elysia generously.

Therefore, Elysia returned the love she received to Ariel entirely, or she could say more than she had received from Isabella.

So that Ariel wouldn’t be hungry for affection.

In the original work, Ariel was so thirsty for family affection that Elysia thought her deprivation of family’s love was too much.

Ariel wanted to be recognized by her father even after her father extorted her power under the pretext of training.

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It was Elysia who laughed at the foolish Ariel.

Elysia treated Ariel, who struggles to be loved by the man who drove her mother to death, like a mentally ill person.

‘The most important thing to be careful about is Eden…’

If the wicked woman like Elysia didn’t bother Eden and Ariel, she wouldn’t be trapped in such a big mess.

Of course, the most fundamental problem was where the Duke of Valtine kept Eden captive.

In the original book, Duke Valtine left Eden with two types of restraints and left him unattended all the time.

With shackles that restricted his movement and restraints that suppressed his mana.

Judging from the mana restraints, it was clear that Duke Valtine was sure that Eden would bloom into a wizard.

It was great to have recognized Eden’s talent at such an early age, but kidnapping a child because of his greed was another thing.

On top of that, he wasn’t just any child; He was a prince from another country.

‘What if a war really breaks out?’

Although he wasn’t a prince with the right to inherit the throne, Eden was the second prince of the Seimond Royal Family.

In the original story, Elysia, along with the Duke of Valtine, was executed for attempting to kidnap the blood of the Seimond family and for trying to seek a reason to start a war.

Having read Elysia’s execution scene, it was evident that Eden was a Seimond Royal Family.

‘I think he has a real name, too.’

Though Elysia couldn’t remember Eden’s real name exactly after it came to her mind.

The Duke of Valtine wa

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