Chu Yunsheng and Zhang Feifan looked at him.

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He may have found that his tone was too strong, so he laughed and continued seriously: “Director Zhang, Teacher Chu, I’m not embarrassed, everyone is here, it’s not a sex scene.
It’s just that I’ve been in the news for a few days, so if Teacher Chu feels uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter if you use a substitute.”

“Haha, Old Chu, this old bacon.
What sort of film has he not done before? How can he be uncomfortable!”

Zhang Feifan joked.

Seeing that neither of them had any disgust, he swallowed his words and began to ramble about tomorrow’s scene to the two of them.

This scene was very important, and Zhang Feifan was not someone who deliberately embarrassed the actors.
But for the quality of the movie, he also didn’t want to use a stand-in or cut scenes.

When Chu Yunsheng heard Yin Zheng’s words, he felt it was quite polite and sensible, extremely dedicated and considerate.

But he didn’t forget the stiffness that Yin Zheng showed him before.

He had said before that he wouldn’t ask Yin Zheng to forgive him, and he didn’t believe that true love would form after sleeping together.
So in the face of the subtle changes in Yin Zheng now, he felt it was necessary to ask clearly.

So, in the evening, when the two of them washed up and watched the film on the sofa in the living room, Chu Yunsheng suddenly interjected: “Yin Zheng, you really don’t mind having close contact with me?”

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Yin Zheng was concentrating on watching the documentary, when he heard this sentence suddenly.
He was stunned, then turned his head and looked at Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was leaning on the light gray sofa, wearing a long coat and trousers at home, with his sleeves rolled up a little, revealing his slender forearms with smooth muscular lines.

The warm yellow light above fell, showing his handsome profile, and his warm and cold eyebrows.
He had a temperament like pine, cypress, and plum from the inside out, which made him appear tall and straight, calm and gentle.
It made others unconsciously speak their minds with this person.

Yin Zheng didn’t know what emotions were in his heart.

He subconsciously said: “…I don’t know either.”

When he came back to his senses, he frowned slightly: “What happened that day…?”

After more than half a month, he was finally able to ask calmly.

But Chu Yunsheng couldn’t answer Yin Zheng at all.

Because he didn’t know why that day was different from the original plot, and he had unknowingly slept with Yin Zheng.

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“I’m sorry.”

Chu Yunsheng sighed without explaining.

There was silence again between the two.

Soon, this film came to an end.
When it was about to end, Chu Yunsheng was about to get up to pour two glasses of water, and analyze the era and characters with Yin Zheng.
Suddenly he felt that the sofa beside him suddenly dipped.

A shadow came over.

When he turned his head, he saw Yin Zheng lowered his head, slowly reaching out, and gently holding his two fingers: “…I might still mind.
But …can I call you Brother Chu?”

The fingers were hooked and wrapped by the soft touch.
Chu Yunsheng’s heart trembled inexplicably, and a strange feeling surged.

He looked at Yin Zheng, smiled, and held his hand: “As you wish.”

Hearing this, Yin Zheng’s back, which had been tense and stiff, slowly loosened and he leaned back on the sofa.

There was a distance of half a meter between the two, but the hand that sheepishly held his were inexplicably hot, and the palms pressed together were oozing fine sweat.

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Here, Chu Yunsheng successfully took the first step in breaking the ice with this honest operation.

On the other hand, the friend Zhou Ziyan found also contacted Zhang Feifan as an investor, expressing his willingness to invest 10 million for “Sky Blue Murder”, the only requirement is that the actor needs to be decided by the investor.

When Zhang Feifan first heard about 10 million, he really thought that he would really make it big this time, but when he learned that the other party’s request was actually to kick Chu Yunsheng out, Director Zhang was stunned.

“…I heard that the crew’s budget isn’t enough, and if you were to pay Chu Yunsheng and Yin Zheng’s salary, Director Zhang would probably be stretched too thin.
Director Zhang knows better than me how to judge the quality of a film.
The scene, the announcement, which one doesn’t require money? I like this film, and I also want Director Zhang to use the money and film well.
Actor Chu is good, but it’s the perverted villains and the mentally ill who isn’t.
… I have a distant cousin who isn’t bad.
Has Director Zhang seen “Love 1911”? His acting skills are no problem…”

Chu Yunsheng and Yin Zheng don’t need a dime for their remuneration.
The entire crew including Zhang Feifan, the three main characters, the producer knew about it.
Zhang Feifan wouldn’t be stupid enough to sell Chu Yunsheng if they didn’t spread it out.

Listening to the voice of the other party talking, Zhang Feifan had a feeling that he was the only sober person among a room of drunkards.

Funding was important, but if Zhang Feifan was a director who easily compromised for money, he wouldn’t still be in a poor crew now.

If Yuan Qing had never seen Chu Yunsheng, Zhang Feifan might have been shaken by his inherent impression.
But now in his opinion, exchanging Chu Yunsheng for 10 million would be a foolish behavior.

So he smiled awkwardly and politely replied, “Mr.
Liu, this investment is unnecessary, the crew has a sufficient budget, and you know me, I like to produce for love, even if I don’t have money to shoot! Even if I go into debt, I will pay for Chu Yunsheng!!”

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President Liu: “…”

Zhou Ziyan, who got the news: “…”

Originally, he wanted to intervene in the crew in the most inconspicuous way to suppress Yin Zheng, but he didn’t expect to meet such a selfless director.
The feedback from the producers and supervisors was also unsatisfactory.
The crew of “Sky Blue Murder” was really poor but stubborn.

Zhou Ziyan was stunned.

There are so many movies submitted for review every year, but how many were actually released and how many became popular? It’s really refusing a toast only to be punished.

That night.

Zhang Feifan’s words “Even if I go into debt, I will pay for Chu Yunsheng!” was ranked second in the hot search.

Chu Yunsheng was pushed to the cusp of the storm overnight.
The news that he and Yin Zheng were on the same crew and had a gay scene also spread.



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